Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pump It Up!

Today has been a great day and a fab start to my May goals! But more on that in a bit,
how's your start of the week going just think we're nearly half way through already!

I started my day with an hour of yogalates which got my tummy calling for some breakfast.....

I had the same breakfast as yesterday but also added a tsp of peanut butter : )

This was a tummy pleaser that's for sure. I drove to work today because I had to go the shops to fill up on veggies, but it was so windy the walk wouldn't have been to nice anyhow!

Work = Boredom!

I had an apple around 11am but forgot to take a picture, oops!

Lunch began with about half of these beets, they were so tasty I just couldn't stop! But I did and saved half for tomorrow..

I then had a wholemeal wrap filled with hummus, pesto, 1/4 avocado, carrot, mangetout and rocket. This was a great flavor combo!

I went to get veggies after work then got home in time to re fuel before my workouts

3 oat cakes topped with tahini and 1/2 banana

i ate the other half of the banana just before leaving to go to the gym

45 minute spin class

followed by.......

1hr body pump class!

That's a new class and means I've already done 4 types of exercise already this week! See told ya the goals were going well! I used to go to body pump about 4 years agao and am so glad to be getting back to it, I used really light weights this week but already can't wait to up them!

Dinner needed to be quick and easy as I was famished when I got home. I cooked some baby plum toms with mushrooms in spray oil and then added an egg and some tomato and basil sauce and teamed this with........

steamed veggies with a little cashew pesto delish!

I also had some oats mixed with soy yogurt, 1 tsp cocoa topped with raisins and cinnamon

yummy flame raisins : )

And last but not least a spearmint and camomile tea

I'm rushing off as its late and I need to get ready for bed so nighty night x x


Do you have a favorite exercise class?

Mine is defo spinning and kickboxing but I'm looking forward trying out some more over the next few weeks


  1. cant wait to hear about your fitness clases on tap. how fun that you're gonna try new stuff!

    i am loving! lifting...just posted about it!

  2. I love the plate that you used for your pre-workout snack!

    For some reason I hardly go to exercise classes but I would love to go to spin when the race training is over.

  3. Yum! Your eats look amazing today.

    My favourite class is body attack, I love the high energy of it and was so pleased the first time I managed to do an entire class at the highest impact options.

    I also love combat and pump and I used to do a fab boxercise class.

  4. mm I made blueberry oats for myself today! so good- I was inspired be you yesterday! xo

  5. I LOVE that pink and gold plate. It is gorgeous!

    My fave exercise class is no surprise.....Body Attack!