Sunday, 16 May 2010

Night In with the Girls + Product Review

Hello Sunday readers and and even bigger hello to some new found friends! If you haven't seen it yet I did a guest post for lovely Susan from the Great Balancing Act go check it out if you have a minute. I love Susan's blog it is a great read so if you don't follow I definitely advise you start!

I spent my Saturday night in with the girls, we had a fab evening, first off I'll do a little re-cap of yesterday eats:

I started my day with 40 minutes of yoga then followed it with the usual breakfast then a walk to work.

I picked up this can of coconut water instead of a coffee, it was way to sweet I like the natural coconut water drinks this had added sugar, not so good : (

Work was uber busy when I got there and just kept going by 2pm I was starving so grabbed a quick apple snack

3.30pm I got lunch thank god! I had a homemade chicken and veg mess


A while later I had this Kashi drak mocha and almond bar

Thumbs up : )

Once I was home I got changed and went round to my friend Judith's house. My sister and friends Emmali and Becky also come round. We were having a Tru Blood marathon!

I bought round some popcorn but we didn't end up eating it surprisingly we ate way to much of the other stuff!

Jes's husband stocked up on twizzlers when he was last in the states so she bought those round

I love love love twizzlers! Do you my American friends?

For dinner Judith made homemade falafels with all the trimmings

I had 2 wraps! I was stuffed, after we got comfy and watched the vampires! We also had a crazy pudding of ice cream and baklava pure fat in a bowl, no photo though you can use your imagination to imagine my food shame!


Today I woke up in time to get brekfast in before my spin class......

My usual breakfast

Once my breakfast settled I met Judith and we walked down to the gym for our spin class.
It was hard and we sweated! Great start to my Sunday off.

We walked home and after getting clean I thought I best do my product review on the yummy granola's sent to me by Dorset Cereal all for the blog of course!

Chocolate and Macadamia Granola - this is goooooooood! Teamed with some soy yogurt this tastes amazing, putting the amount of calories and fat aside this really is a yummy granola but its definitely one for the odd occasion and couldn't be eaten every day unless your as thin as a hair!

ummmmmmmmm macadamia nuts!

Chocolate Granola - again this is amazingly tasty but also a very indulgent granola!

But as long as you don't eat this granola all the time it is a delicious treat so if you are thinking about getting an indulging granola I definitely would say this should be your first choice!

For the rest of my Sunday I am just chillaxing at home I need to catch up on some of your wonderful blogs 2 days worth to catch up on, yay!


Do you have and indulgent breakfast cereal that sometimes just needs to be eaten?

I like to stick to low sugar cereals but its good to sometimes indulge right?!

What did you do over the weekend, anything exciting?

I've had a great weekend and its nice to have a day just chilling


  1. that Dorset cereal looks so so good!..i have only had the berries and cherries flavor, i must find that chocolate macadamia one, sounds divine! :) love your eats, and Twizzlers, haha from an American ;) i love those, they were my absolute fav as a kiddie, and still are :) so yummi!
    do i have any indulgent breakfast cereal that sometimes just needs to be eaten? hmm...well i usually have oats for brekkie but i love Trader Joes vanilla almond crunch granola it is amazingly good also bare naked banana nut granola is so good as well, i usually have that for a snack on occasion.
    and this weekend, well its Sunday morning, yesterday was quite uneventful, hopefully today will be fun! :)


  2. aw- the night with the girlies sounds like so much fun!!! What a great meal ya'll had- falafel is amazing. Glad you enjoyed the granola. I'm a huge granola fan (as I said before) but do the homemade version so I can control the cals and amount of fat! And you're not on "thin as hair" cracked me up :)

  3. Tam, I got the granola bar and keychain yesterday...thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! The key chain is adorable and I am saving the bar :)

    I cannot thank you enough for thinking of me and dropping it in the (international) mail! You're a doll!

    Hope youre having a great weekend...all the food looks lovely and the Chocolate and Macadamia Granola--WOW!

    Twizzlers. I have not had it in a few yrs but honestly, when i was teen and early 20s, i swear, i could eat about 25 sticks of it in a sitting....i LOVE that stuff!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad you have received it! x x

  5. Oh yes, Twizzlers, I LOVE you!! I have a thing for Australian licorice too.