Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A New Class + A New Header!

Well dear friends I would love to say my day has been fabulous but I would be lying, kinda......
My work day has been pants but the rest of it has been A OK!

Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU to my wonderful sister for making me and new header what a doll she is, Jes your amazing!

I started my day with 40 minutes of yoga then followed it with a delicious breakfast.

Today I didn't add any fruit but it was extremely yummy!

40g quinoa mixed with 1tsp carob powder and water water then heated
1tsp ground linseeds mixed in, topped with yogurt, peanut butter and cinnamon
This was a real tummy filler too.

I walked to work then had a bad bad day, I'm not gonna harp on about it as you never know who's reading but rest a sure you will find out in due course.......

Lunch started with some beets

Followed by a mix of raw and steamed veggies mixed with cashew and basil pesto as well as a chicken breast = stuffed!

I walked home after work and bought a fashion mag to settle my racing mind, I always find looking at pretty clothes calms me!

I also snacked on some oat cakes topped with hummus.

I had to fix an early dinner today as me and my friend Judith were booked into a late class.
I had steamed cauliflower and sardine and egg mess! This included:

1 tin of sardines in tom sauce, 1 egg, red onion, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 4 mini cherry toms, 3 mushrooms mixed with some tomato and basil sauce. Probably looks bad and maybe sounds bad but it was delish!

Meal Messes = Good Food!

I also had a glass of milk : )

I met my friend at the gym and we had a warm up and gossip before our class

30 minutes cross trainer
10 minutes bike
followed by
Boxercise class!

Yay my goals are going well this week that's my second new class!

I was ravenous when I got home! I mixed together 30g oat meal, soy yogurt and cinnamon then topped with blueberries and 3 crumbled walnut halves, I also had a small apple

I'm now settled on the sofa with a warm cup of spearmint and chamomile tea, getting sleepy.
My bed is calling so I shall say goodnight

Question: Do you like to exercise with friends or go it alone?

I never used to but these days its a way to hang out and catch up with friends I don't often get to see. I also like to go it alone too, music on and getting on with my workout session feeling the burn!


  1. Sorry today wasn't the best day :( But what a way to end it. that yogurt/oatmeal mess looks very tasty. Its brinner night around here- maybe I'll do something similar!! Great header. Very artsy. I LOVE group fitness (obviously)- so I'm all for working out with friends

  2. First, I'm so happy to hear your back is feeling better!! I LOVE exercise classes, especially experimenting with new ones. And I'm seriously drooling over those beet pictures. Strange?

    I usually workout alone, especially on my harder days. But it's also really nice to get fun activity in with friends. Especially when you get to complain about how sore you are with them the next day!

  3. Your header looks wonderful! Love it.

    When I finished school my friends and I decided to meet up once a week to play squash. This way we got to hang out and see each other regularly but work out at the same time too. I love working out with friends and my boyfriend too but I also like working out on my own.

    Your eats look fabulous. Yay for messy meals! ;)

  4. omg your new header is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so pretty, so Tam, so very perfect for you!

    i like to workout alone. i am an animal and everyone else complains too much when they workout with me that it's too hard, so i go it alone :)