Friday, 14 May 2010

Natures Sweets

Hello this is another quick post my friend Karen is coming in 10 so I gotta whiz through this!

I started my day with a 20 minute run followed by a delicious breakfast no nut butter!

With natures sweets - blueberries!

I snacked on this bar around 12ish

natures sweets - goji berries!

tuna and hummus salad

hummus and tuna = : )

natures sweets - red peppers

followed by a bunch of red grapes

obviously natures sweets!

quick snack rice cake and almond butter ummmmmmm

made some more soup it was divine! I tweaked the recipe so shall post it soon!
Side of steamed broccoli, turnip strips and hummus

Natures sweets - butternut squash, carrots n turnips!

I'm thinking pudding will consist of some granola and yogurt?

Right I'm off see ya tomorrow x x


Whats your favorite sweet nature provides, sweet or savory?

I'm a lover of all me thinks!


  1. For some time I was totally hooked on dates. They're fantastic. Of course I love all sorts of fruits - bananas especially ;). They're much better than sugar!

  2. Hey, I just found your blog off The Great Balancing Act, it makes me so happy to know another UK blogger.
    I love your blog and Nature's sweets are the best, grapes are heavenly.

  3. Granola and yogurt sounds like the perfect dessert to me! Where did you get that granola bar? Looks delicious...

    Favourite natural sweets- dried fruit and bananas. Does maple syrup count? Comes from a tree!