Sunday, 23 May 2010

Naked Review.......

Good evening bloggies! How's ya Sunday been?
Mine has been fab, I've had the day off and its been lots of fun in the sun!

Just to let you know it seems one way or another yogurt is a top of the list food!

I started the day with some workout fuel, oats, carob, water, fromage frais, blueberries and
peanut butter : )

I met Judith this morning and we walked to the gym to go to aqua fit followed by and insanely intense spin class! I sweated like never before in the spin class, the music was ace too which made it extra good! I also had the best time at aqua fit, it was so much fun and a great warm up for spin!
After our classes we walked home in the sun.

Before my shower I had a Trek bar to refuel.

Cocoa browine. this was a delicious bar and gave me lots of energy I will definitely be having this again at some point : )

After freshening up I met Judith again then went and picked my sister up (she's back from her holiday, yay!) I drove us all to Eastbourne for the day, it was sunny and I was with good friends what a great combo!

I got pretty hungry a few hours later so I had an apple and some strawberries.
We looked round the shops then headed home.

My Naked Review

As I mentioned before here Natural balance Foods sent me a huge box of sample to try
and review on my blog, I've mentioned a couple of there products so far but decided today to try a few bars and give you my verdict, obviously the one I had earlier was fab so I had high hopes for these babies! All 3 bars are gluten, dairy and wheat free as well as being made from all natural ingredients another big thumbs up.

Cashew Cookie - cashews and dates
This was a yummy bar and quite creamy with a good texture.

Ginger Bread - dates, almonds, pecans, ginger, cloves and cinnamon
This had a great ginger taste it really got my taste buds going : )

Pecan Pie - dates, pecans and almonds
Again this bar had a fab flavor each one was very yummy.
I tried a sample of each then gave them to my dad, sister and dads girlfriend to try they too
agreed that these bars are really yummy. I definitely recommend them for a snack or if you need some workout fuel! I have some more bars which I will review for you all as I eat them but as you know its Sunday and that's my only treat day so you'll have to wait my dears

Anyway back to my day...... look what are finally ready to eat my sprouts!
These were aduki beans that I have been growing, they've turned out quite yummy, a little bitter
but I like them which is what matters right!?

I made a giant salad for dinner, tuna/pesto mayo with steamed and raw veggies

I threw my sprouts into the mix : )

Look what my sister got me from Marrakesh!

This is a traditional mint tea cup, how pretty!? I love it thank you Jes x

small apple, fromage frais, almonds and cinnamon

I had such a fab day but I'm beat so I shall say farewell, plus I'm going swimming early tomorrow
morning which means an early night.



  1. Lovely Sunday- the cup from Marrakesh is beautiful! Your sister has great taste!

  2. beautiful blue cup!
    and glad the dairy seems to be ok for you :)

  3. I love nakd bars! the cocoa orange is to die for, if you haven't tried that one definitley should! :) and i loved all the others as well, great reviews and your breakfast looks so delicious and so pretty! :)


  4. Hey - just found your blog, its great! I will be reading!


  5. Oh I adore Eastbourne! It's such a lovely town. Those bars look so good, I can't wait to go to London on Thursday and buy lots and lots of them at Whole Foods ;)