Monday, 3 May 2010

May Goals!

Hey ladies! I'm back after having a weekend to myself! I've been busy and just didn't have time to sit and post hope your cool with that?!

Saturday we had a busy day at work with my boss being pretty mean by the end of my shift so the kickboxing class I went to after was appreciated more than usual! I had an hour private lesson and it was so good, I love it! I also went out on Saturday night, after such a crappy day at work I just felt the need to get out and drink a few bevvys! I had a fab night too.......

I didn't get many pictures over the weekend. This was Saturdays breakfast. 2 boiled eggs,
an apple, soya yogurt and peanut butter

Twas divine!

I spent Sunday at my sisters watching movies and eating!


Onto today..........

I woke up early and went for a 40 minute run through the park. Which was the first run I have done without stopping since December! It felt great and my back is hardly sore at all, so more signs its getting there! After my run I had a yummy breakfast to re-fuel

Quinoa flakes mixed with 1 tsp carob powder, and water cooked in the microwave. I then added 1 tsp of linseed's and topped with soya yogurt and blueberries. I used to always eat quinoa for breakfast and I now remember why because I love it! Don't be surprised to see this a lot more.

After breakfast I walked to work, it was sunny but real windy not a nice start to May that's for sure! Work was pretty boring so as always I was glad to sit down with a magazine at lunch and get away for a few minutes........

For lunch I had a hummus and avocado wholemeal wrap with mushrooms and spinach.
If you thought this tasted fab you'd be right!

My wrap was followed by a crisp apple.

The afternoon went so slowly and we got out of work late too : (

I had to dye my roots when I got home which is always a mission so I thought a small snack would give me some momentum!

2 rice cakes and peanut butter sandwiched together = the perfect snack : )

After dying my hair and getting into comfy clothes I was ready for dinner

Steamed veggies in a tomato and pesto sauce topped with a few chunks of feta and 2 boiled eggs

I shall have something oaty for pud me thinks...........

Right onto my May goals, I didn't do any for April so need to make this months extra good

May Goals

1. No sugar other than fruit to be eaten Monday to Saturday
2. No more than 1 serving of nut butter a day!
3. Eat clean healthy non-processed foods
4. Sunday free day

1. Try to do at least 4 different types of exercise each week
2. Start at least one new exercise class
3. Have at least 5 exercise sessions a week
4. Try to do yoga at least 4 times a week

I think that's a pretty good start I will try to check in each Monday to see if I'm sticking to me goals.

Right I'm off to watch Glee and get ready for sleepy time x x


What are your May goals?

I'm pretty pleased with mine and don't think they're to hard to follow


  1. Sounds like you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the time with your sister. Great eats- reminds me that I want to make some hard cooked eggs!! ASAP! Great goals...although I'm not sure I could stick to 1 serving of nut butter a day hehe. Can't wait to hear what exercise class you try this month!

  2. love that you're trying to do more yoga and are mixing up your workouts.

    i dont eat eggs but that has to be the most perfect hard boiled egg ever!


  3. Your goals sound fantastic! I should definitely make some new goals too.. things got a bit out of control lately.

    I couldn't agree with you more: Quinoa porridge is awesome! I was actually eating some this morning while I read your post, hehe.
    Team quinoa!!