Friday, 21 May 2010

Magazine Monster

Can you believe it? Friday all ready! I bet for some of you that means 2 days off unfortunately for me it does not : ( it does mean I have 1 more day then a day off so not to bad, plus it also means only 4 more days and my holiday to Ireland will be here! Oh I so can't wait to see my mama and sister roll on holiday roll on!

Before I forget I had a question about my last post from Anonymous asking
"how do you stop soya milk separating in coffee?"
well dear anonymous I just pour the milk in! I have no idea how it doesn't separate my dad has the same trouble he can't make coffee with soya milk without is separating I wish I had the answer but I don't sorry! x x

Anyway onto today, I started my Friday with 32 lengths in the pool. I'm so glad I went, my friend Judith had to cancel and I thought I could just stay in bed but no I got up and did my 32 and I felt great for it to.

After my swim I was defo ready to refuel! I had a bowl of oats mixed with soy yogurt, ground chia seeds, apple and almond butter.

After breakfast I put the face on then walked to work.

It was pretty quiet this morning so I was uber board which for some reason made me hungry!?
I snacked on a small handful of mixed nuts no picture sorry!

On lunch I ventured out and picked up a new magazine, it was the launch issue of Body Fit magazine and as I have a small magazine addiction I thought I'd feed it!

Plus with some free goodies thrown in who could resist!? 1 magazine, 1 fitness diary, 1 packet of ground flax, cocoa and berries! I quite liked this mag lots of good info, I'd definitely buy it again.

for lunch I had a large quinoa/pesto salad with lots a raw veggies and leaves : )

I walked home after work and had to go see a friend

before I left I had these peanut butter rice cake sarni's : )

dinner was soup, ryvitas and steamed veggies

This was delish!
Sorry if you get annoyed by seeing soup everyday but I make a big batch and keep it in the fridge which makes an easy quick dinner for about 4 nights. Its also cheap and healthy which can't be bad?

Pudding was amazing! 1 pack bear granola (cocoa + cherry) roasted almonds, soy yogurt
and some of the breakfast sprinkle I got free with my magazine

these were perfect flavor combos!

I'm all out of bear granola now : ( maybe they will see my upset face and send me some!
I can dream!

Mixed into a mess, yum yum yummy!

I can't wait till tomorrow 5pm, I will have finished work! Its sad but these days I wish my days away till I get out of retail hell! But rest assured sweet readers I have some news to tell you very VERY soon...............

I have a funny feeling a small bowl of granola may pass my lips as I watch this awful teen flick that's on tv and read some of your wonderful blogs.............


Are you a magazine monster like me?

I have 3 subscriptions but I also buy about 3 others! Addict yes!

Do you have any summer holidays planned?

I think I may have asked this but I've forgotten so refresh my memory!
I'm off to Ireland next week then Glastonbury festival in June : )


  1. Hey hey! What holiday is coming up for you?? I love the phrase: put the face on- haha! I do love to sit with a good magazine but I really only have a single subscription and rarely buy others (unless we're traveling). mmm rice cake sarni's! You know I love it. Summer plans- lots of little trips- weddings, 4th of July with the fam, etc :)

  2. i used to subscribe to and read tons of mags. now, i dont have the free time but i wish i did! i love mags and just pleasure reading with no real "purpose" :)

  3. I'm a huge magazine monster! I got that body fit mag as well and really enjoyed it, I loved that sprinkle too. I totally agree with you on the soups, there cheap, healthy and easy to make, I eat plenty of soup as well. I have a holiday planned to Majorca with my whole family in June then I'm planning a trip down to one of my favorite places in the world - Brighton, my aunt lives there and I just love it, can't wait!