Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lucky me.......

Well its taken me and hour to get my photos on my computer so I'm gonna try and get thing said and done hope that's cool got loads to tell ya but am so tired so here goes.......

My day started with a 30 minute walk followed by quinoa carob porridge

topped with soy yogurt and peanut butter

mixed into a yummy mess!

work was BORING!

Lunch was late so I was glad I packed a filling salad

brown basmati rice, vegan pesto, sprouted mung beans, raw veggies salad leaves = one happy belly!

I had 2 classes to go to after work, spin and pump so I fueled up with an apple

and some rice cakes and tahini

after my classes I was ravenous! I fixed myself a delish bowl of the best soup ever and some raw veg n hummus

I got home to a giant package that had been delivered earlier, it was the blog giveaway I won from Karin. She writes the fabulous blog Give Me Bananas and if you haven't checked it out I highly recommend you get over there now its fab!

Wow it all looks so good!

Almond butter people!

Strawberries and chocolate wow lucky me! Thank you Karin you little sweetie!

Pud was some bear granola, soy yogurt, blueberries and a spoon of almond butter I couldn't resist trying something from my package!

Some more news I recently did and interview for a website called Qype. It is a fab site giving loads of info on London and what to do and eat when your in the city you can read the interview here

I promise tomorrow to do my goal check in and write up that fabulous soup recipe!


Have you ever done any interviews for other blogs?

This was my first and I really enjoyed it!

Favorite chocolate add in?

Nuts or ginger for me but that strawberry chocolate looks amazing!


  1. Your food always looks so great. I LOVE peanut butter and may have to try that first one out.


  2. slow loading pics are the worst! i hear you!

    interviews, not per se but have done guest posts on other blogs. fun! but extra work!!!

  3. Love your interview on Qype! It seems like such a fun page too :).
    I'm glad that you got the package safe and sound!

    Chili is really great in chocolate for some reason. ;)

    I've never done an interview for my blog before but blogging really isn't that big over here so that's no surprise ;)

  4. Can't wait for the soup recipe. I'm always on the lookout for a good soup recipe and that looks like a goodun!!

    Quick question - where do you get your amazing meal from? I'm dying to try some and don't know where to get it in the UK!