Sunday, 16 May 2010

A little Bit More About Me

My week started well because I had today off! How has your week begun, good/bad?
It seems we are all lovers of granola by the way! (Be warned this is an uber long post!)

I'm starting tonights post with a quick rewind to last nights dinner. It was so yummy I had to share..........

My usual soup was accompanied by a tasty side thanks to Karin

she sent me these sesame crackers recently and I decided I just had to try them

with hummus of course! Thank you Karin they were super yummy!

I actually slept in till 8.30am today! I obviously needed it and as it was my day off I took advantage

I started my day with a different breakfast, can you believe it?!
Sardine and egg scramble using 1 tin of sardines in tomato sauce, 1 egg + 1 extra white, baby plum tomatoes and some spinach. It was ab fab and a great start to my day : )

I spent the morning doing some work on my blog I added an about me page and a recipe page if you have the time check um out! I also snacked on some rice cakes and peanut butter a great snack that keeps ya full for ages!

My back has been a little sore today so I did 60 minutes of yoga to loosen it up, I also did some chest and butt exercises then it was time for lunch.........

Lunch was sooooooooooo good and very pretty!

Quinoa, chicken, pesto, raw carrots, soy beans, red pepper and a little rocket

every mouthful was a delight! I also had some soy yogurt with cinnamon and almonds but forgot to add the picture sorry!

After lunch I went for a 50 minute power walk, I wore my wrist weights too. It feels to have gone out and actually left the house today. I popped round to see my dad after my walk. We chatted and laughed for a while, he always makes me smile : )

soup, rice cakes with soy spread and beets

Followed by a smaller version of my usual breakfast. Carob and orange quinoa topped with yogurt, 3 hazelnuts and pine nuts


I saw this set of questions on some blogs recently and decided to post my answers to them so you can learn a little bit more about me. I'm also going to tag some of you, I love reading more about people and what they are like. So if you have the time read on........

Where would you be able to spend hours and be happy?

I can spend hours chatting to my dad smiling and laughing and be at my happiest. I can also spend hours exercising and be pretty happy!

What’s your favorite kind of doughnut?

When I used to eat doughnuts my favorite was a chocolate ring doughnut, never do they disappoint!

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I do indeed! My teens were filled with piercings and tattoos! I first had my eyebrow pierced but took it out after about 4 months it wasn't a good look! I also had my tongue pierced but was advised by a doctor to take it out so I did : ( I have my ears pierced well I actually have flesh tunnels! Yep I do, I had them done when I was 17 and yes I do regret it now but to have them closed will cost me £1500 money I just don't have so I just live with them! Last but not least I have my belly button pierced this I quite like

Tattoos I have a few! They all mean something to me and I love each one. I have 8 all in all dotted about my body and am planning to have more : )

What is your favorite movie?

That is a really hard question! I have so many favorite films but 1 that never tires is The Labyrinth. Maybe its Bowie in tights that does it!? ha ha

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

That would be my sister Jes, her flight to Marrakech has been postponed till tomorrow and I was making sure she wasn't to livid!

Are you still friends with the people you knew in middle school or high school?

I do still have a few friends from school about 5 they are friends for life!

What is the last thing you ate?

Rice cakes + Peanut Butter

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I never knew until now

Name three things that are close to you right now:

My phone, hot water and my new copy of Zest magazine

What was your best subject in school?

Drama it was the only thing I got a good grade in!

What is your favorite restaurant?

Oooooo another hard question to answer, there is a restaurant in the old town where I live called No27 and the food is amazing, freshly cooked and perfect every time. I also love Neals Yard in Covent Garden and wagamamas is pretty damn good!

Any hidden talents?

Hidden talents I don't think I have ya know..........

What is your middle name?

Lucy! Not many people know but I guess they do now!

What is your favorite website?

Shopping wise that would be American Apparel or Ebay

Blog wise would be Lobster and Swan, Meals and Moves, Give me Bananas, Love Veggies and Yoga to name a few!

How old were you when you had your first kiss?


Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate and vanilla together!

What is your favorite girl’s name?

Ruby is nice me thinks

Favorite store?

Zara, TopShop and Trinity Wholefoods

Would you rather be a rock star or a famous athlete?

Famous Athlete

Favorite food?

Porridge and soup not together!

What are you wearing right now?

Joggers and a t shirt its Sunday and I'm being lazy!

What is your favorite animal?

Elephants but they would be a nightmare to walk so I would love to have a dog!

Did you graduate from college?

I got an NVQ in Hairdressing and Beauty! I had no idea what to do when I left school so decided Hair and Beauty might be fun, it was but not the career for me

What does your last text message say?

"Okey dokey!!! x x" from my friend Judith we're sorting out where to meet tomorrow for our spin class and that's her way of saying yes!

Do you have any nicknames?

My dad calls me Tambo! Yes that is just between us ok!? My colleagues call me donkey! This is because I like to take the heavy stuff up to the store cupboard I look at it as exercise they look at me like I'm crazy!

Instead of any questions tonight I'm tagging a couple of you to do these questions but anyone is welcome to take part plus if you do please pass on the tag! Just copy and paste and add your answers instead of mine.

Janetha - Meals and Moves

Karin - Give Me Bananas

Susan - The Great Balancing Act

Averie - Love Veggies and Yoga

Stella - Stella Does Healthy Eating

Ladies if you have the time I'd love to know your answers x x


  1. you're making me blush! and i loved reading this survey. surveys make me happy.. maybe that is why i always ask Qs on my blog. i will have to do the survey tomorrow~ i don't think i have much to blog about tomorrow. those crackers look incredible! xoxo

  2. I loved reading your surveys too! And obviously your is one of my favourite blogs too ;)
    Do you know I think you might like it - I tend to spend way too much money there.
    Your lunch is so pretty indeed! Very colorful.

  3. A sardine and egg scramble!! A girl after my own heart, love it ;)

    You can never go wrong with Bowie in tights. I'm saving this questionnaire for a day I have nothing to blog about, haha.

  4. Your quinoa porridge looks delicious - I really must try it!

    I'm super impressed with your excercise dedication as well, how do you fit it all in!!


  5. ooooh i love learning more about you Tam!!! this was fun!

    thanks for naming are too sweet :)