Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Last Protein bar

Well my dears we got to Thursday which means the weekend is nearly with us! I've been having Sundays off for a while now and I'm not working any in while so I too look forward to the weekend which is a great feeling! Hopefully my next job will give me weekends off or I'll love it so much I'll want to work! I don't have another job don't get excited but who knows what the future holds........... : )

Anyway onto today I didn't do any yoga booooooo! I had to wash my hair before work, which means wash, dry, straighten and style so it takes a while plus I stayed an extra 20 minutes in bed excuses yes but I obviously needed it! After sorting the mop I had an amazing breakfast quinoa carob porridge with frozen blueberries and almond butter ummmmmmmmm!

I walked to work then had a pretty boring morning. Work is crazy at the moment there are lots of bad n weird things happening enough said.........

Lunch started with some raw veggies

followed by a wholemeal tuna mayo n basil wrap with loads of veggies!

a while later I ate this pack of 3 amaranth corn thins topped with dark chocolate no sugar fail alert!

it was worth it though!

I walked home from work and grabbed a quick snack before popping round to see my papa

blueberry green monster made with frozen blueberries, LL lacto milk and amazing meal
twas lovely

after having a good old chin wag with paps I came home for an early dinner as I booked a late spin class

soup, steamed veg and rice cakes with peanut butter this was so good but I think I ate it a little late as I was kinda uncomfortable during my spin lesson! It was a great 45 minutes sweat fest though!

I got home and needed summit I had a chopped apple topped with soy yogurt, coconut, cinnamon and ginger mixed into a tasty mess : )

I found one last small homemade protein bar in the freezer and couldn't resist, I had this too.
I have loads of bars at the mo but no homemade ones, I need to get through the other though I suppose, even though they're not as good!

I've got a busy day tomorrow work, appointment then my friend Karen is coming round for an evening of chin wagging and I can't wait!


Any plans for the weekend?

I have my friend Karen coming tomorrow, then a Tru Blood night at my friend Judith's on Saturday then a photo shoot hopefully on Sunday! Not a professional photo shoot or anything just some photos for a sweet lady that asked me to be a part of something special...........

Favorite soup dipper?

Most people would say bread right?! Not me I like steamed veggies : )

Night x


  1. I'm with you on the steamed veggies as dippers! But give me anything and Ill dip it in soup!

  2. After read this post I also think to take protein bars as a supplement than protein powder because taste of this protein bar is more good than protein powder.