Thursday, 6 May 2010

Great Food + Great Friends

Hello readers how ya doing today, glad its Friday tomorrow?!

I've had a fab day 1. because it was my day off so it was always gonna be pretty sweet and 2. because its been spent with wonderful friends : )

I woke and was immediately hungry so I went with it and made a yummy breakfast. Yes you are seeing pretty much same breakfast again! But its my fav and keeps me full so you'll be seeing it round here a lot! After breakfast me and Maggie had a coffee and chatted for a couple of hours then we made our way to the church across the road to make our vote. It was England's general elections today and it was also the first time I have voted, it actually felt good and even if my vote doesn't make a difference at least I know I tried, right?

Mid morning snack was a Glo Bar

This was pretty good.

A while later I walked round to my friend Judith's house where I was invited to a girlie lunch.

I have never tried a raw fresh fig before! Today I did and I'm sold : )

Me my sister Jes, Becky and Emmali all went to Judiths for lunch and she put on quite the spread.

Salad leaves, dips, olives, greek salad, cous cous, beets, wraps, baked honey figs with bacon and blue cheese

these cous cous salads were so good!

I had a few bacon pieces, a fig, leaves and some pine nuts

cous cous, hummus olives, I made a wrap from some of my salad. The food was amazing and fresh, I enjoyed everything I ate.

My sister made a jam sponge!

So there goes the no sugar out of the window! I was going to resist but decided I just couldn't pass up a slice of my sisters cake it was worth every bite and I'm not going to beat myself up about it!

After a good few hours chatting I had to pop into town and get my hair trimmed.

I was also going to go kickboxing tonight but my back is a little sore after my workouts from the past couple of days so decided to have the day off and rest.

Random flower picture! I was walking through my papas garden and noticed this mass of forge me nots my favorite flower so snapped a picture

I made a spinach, mushroom and egg scramble for dinner with steamed veggies in a pesto sauce

yummy garlic : )

Followed by an apple and chia seed yogurt mess!

This was a really crispy apple, crunchy and delish!

My papa gave me a great jar for sprouting my own sprouts today so I put it to good use.
I added some aduki beans and covered with water to soak overnight. I shall let you know how they get on, they should take around a week to sprout yummy!

Well its been a grand day off, I'm just sad to know its coming to an end. If luck is on my side the moody store manager is off tomorrow which means my day of work wont be to bad fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!


Do you grow any of your own foods?

I never have but figured this was an easy way to start!

Do you have a favorite flower?

I love all flowers I'm addicted to putting them in my hair especially roses, but forget me nots are definitely top of the list!

If you have time can you vote for me, you need to put salad and sequins into the search box then just click the vote button or I have added a link on the top right x x

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day off! That lunch looks amazing!

    Well from what I've heard I guess that every vote is important. They all have been out and about "collecting" votes and talking to people who are undecided. Oh the joy of politics! ;)

    I love sprouting though I rarely do it for some reason..