Friday, 7 May 2010

The Good Granola

I guess some of you are yaying for Friday and the beginning of your weekend!?
I have to work tomorrow so its not so great for me, but it means its one day closer to Sunday so
I pretty happy about that. I'm off to a food festival show and a Grace Kelly exhibition so can't wait! Anyway onto today........

I started my day with 40 minutes of yoga and a fabulous breakfast

Today I added grounded chia seeds, did you know its much better to eat your chia seeds ground as it releases the omega 3 oils and you benefit from them more?!

After breakfast and getting ready I walked to work.

I snacked on an apple around 11am then for lunch I had a giant tuna and pesto salad with a dollop of hummus and some beets (not all of them!)

Straight after work I went to the gym for an arm weight workout.

20 minutes cross trainer
40 minutes arm + chest weights
push ups x 32 and plank x 3 for 1 minute

After I walked home

I refueled at home on a banana with peanut butter and a glass of milk

This gave me spinning fuel! Yep I booked into an evening spin class which meant a quick refuel snack then I was back out for a 45 minute spinning class, love it!

As you can imagine I was ravenous when I got home, while my veggies steamed I ate some broccoli stalk chopped and seasoned

I had a filling dinner of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, soy beans and a tin of mackerel in tomato

I had these samples left over from the Vitality Show I went to back in March so decided to make good use of them

Tropical coconut granola, dried mango and pineapple, soy yogurt

The perfect pudding!

I'm pretty tired so I'm gonna love ya and leave ya sweets x x

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a camper van!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.P.S When you enter you can also vote for my blog! x x


  1. I love granola with blueberries! The photos turned out really great and I am excited for breakfast tomorrow!

    I really like your blog. I am your newest follower.


  2. the bloobs look perfect!

    the bar on your last post from angela..I won some of those. They were umm, ok, at best :) for me at least.

  3. i didn't know that about chia! thanks for the tip :)