Thursday, 20 May 2010

Flowers and Food Packages

Hello sweetie pies! I had to give up my blog post last night for sleep sorry! Which also means this post is uber long with lots of photos hope that's ok?! Have you had a good couple of days? I've been and exercise monster but more on that later ; )

First a recap of yesterday..............

I woke up early and went swimming as planned, I met Judith at the pool 6.15am and did 20 lengths. When I got home I was real hungry but my quinoa/carob porridge with yogurt and peanut butter sorted my hungry belly : ) and got me ready for the walk to work......

mid morning coffee with soya milk, yum!

Lunch started with some raw carrot sticks

followed by a quinoa, pesto and olive salad

this was really filling and tasted fab

After work I walked home and was amazed by all the colour I was seeing,
so I took some photos to share the love!

I love blossom!

such intense yellow

I saw this pretty flower between the twigs, I think it would great in my hair!

I snacked on some raw mushrooms when I got home

Then I had an early dinner, soup, beets, 1 boiled egg and a rice cake with peanut butter.
This was perfect fuel for my classes later on.........

spin class ~ followed by ~ boxercise

when I got home I had some yogurt, apple and almonds

I started my day with another swim! Today I did 32 lengths, I'm going to try and do 32 each time I go which is hopefully going to be 4/5 times a week I love getting up and starting my day with a swim its great!

home and hungry I had the best breakfast waiting to be made!

Oats in a jar! Finally i finished my peanut butter jar!

This was insanely filling : )

Quick update on my sprouts! They're going well, I'm looking forward to eating these!

walked to work

Lunch was a tuna and pesto/mayo salad

with raw veggies

snack - rice cakes with almond butter : )

I walked home after work and found a package waiting for me!

hmmmmmm wonder whats inside?!

WowZas! Look at all these goodies sent to me by the lovely people at Natural Balance Foods,
thank you so much! I have been asked to review these products and in the name of my blog I guess I must! Yeah right I can't wait to try these bad boys!

there is a range of gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, no added sugar yummyness!

infused raisins!

I made a new soup today, curried cauliflower and watercress, I had 2 ryvitas with hummus on the side

and some beets!

I obviously had to try one of these bars today so I went for the mixed berry bar

twas delish! I would definitely buy this bar its satisfying and VERY tasty, so first bar gets the thumbs up!

I was gonna go to spin tonight but decided to stay home and do my post, I missed you guys!

Right I'm gonna say my farewells as i want to read some of your blogs before bed, I'm planning another swim tomorrow so bedtime needs to be early!


Do you eat oats in a jar?

I didn't till seeing it on someones blog when I first started blogging and had to try it.
I agree with some that say the glass keep the pats to hot, that's why I add the yogurt cools the mixture down plus tastes SO GOOD!


  1. Nakd and trek bars are great! My boyfriend and I went on a canoe tour in Sweden in July 2009 and bought tons of bars when we were in London a few days before. They worked so well for quick lunches / snacks. I'm jealous of your stash!

    You've been working out like a madwoman. That's great! I feel kind of lazy because I've been keeping it easy because of Saturday's race. I can't wait to work out more diligently though.

    OIAJ is ok though I prefer my nut butter ON the porridge. It's great for using up leftover nut butter though.

  2. oh wow you scored!! with that package..nice! Love it when things like that show up on my doorstep :)

    I have never eaten OIAJ. I know, the only blogger to never do it LOL


  3. Hey girl! Sometimes more sleep is necessary and totally worth cutting out the blogging for! You have been quite the exercise machine! I really want to get back into swimming. What a lovely package- infused raisins? I'm in! And your sprouts are coming along nicely- thats an experiment I have always wanted to do. I haven't done OIAJ yet. I have to try. Hope you have a great Thursday night!

  4. How do you stop soya milk separating in coffee?

  5. ^ I second that question! I use soya milk in tea, but it curdles when I add it to coffee!

    I love the Nakd and Trek bars- I had the mixed berry one today too. So good!