Saturday, 8 May 2010

Finally My Tickets Have Arrived!

After the worst work day I'm keeping this short and sweet, hello by the way!

My day actually started well with 40 minutes of yoga........

and a yummy breakfast slightly different to the previous days (can you believe it!?)

I made quinoa porridge with water and cinnamon and added some maca, ground chia seeds then topped with yogurt and peanut butter and some more cinnamon!

This was uber filling as well as delicious.

I drove to work today as the rain was coming down and I wanted to go the gym after without being soaked!

To keep a long story short my day at work today was hell! I had a huge argument with my boss because I decided to stand up for myself against his bullying! But I'm leaving it at that as its to depressing to mull over it : (

Lunch was an amazing tuna and raw veggie salad topped with a humongous dollop of hummus!
I also ate a few beets, addicted me thinks : )

After my awful day I was glad to get to the gym and workout the anger!

30 minutes cross trainer - set on random - switching from L8/L12
leg weights + squats + lunges

I also had a nice surprise when I got home my tickets for the Real Food Festival arrived!!!!!!!
This where I'm off to tomorrow, I was getting a little worried because the tickets hadn't arrived but today they came yay! Its all about organic food and farming, plus there will be all sorts of things to try such as chocolate, lucky its on Sunday my free day! I am also going to a Grace Kelly exhibition after so my day is gonna be pretty sweet : )

Dinner was 2 boiled eggs (cooked to perfection!) with steamed veggies in a vegan pesto sauce

the eggs really were perfect

Followed by an apple with soy yogurt and a fruit and seed bar

So I am off to just chill after the day from hell, luckily I have a wonderful day to look forward to
night sweeties x x


Have you ever had an awful boss?

Mine is an absolute pig, enough said!


  1. The food looks great. Sorry about the boss situation. You should be proud of yourself for standing up to a bully. No matter who it is, it's never okay. When I have those work days, I like to work out and sweat out the frustration.

    Have a good weekend,

  2. How do you cook your eggs so perfectly?? All of mine seem to be a little on the dry side!
    All of your meals look wonderful :)
    I have had an awful boss. It was ridiculous. THANKFULLY I quit that job when I did. Hopefully things start getting better for u soon! xx

  3. It's great that you stood up against your boss (even though you ended up having an argument). I think that people should do that more often! Some bosses are really awful and they have to know that they can't work like that!

    I used to have an awful boss.. she was also the reason why I had an eating disorder. But that was ages ago and I actually feel sad for her. She clearly had a dull private life and had to get the frustration off her chest at work. Really really sad when you blame a 16yo girl for everything.
    Oh well.. people!

  4. ugh- your boss sounds like an a**. Glad you stood up to him! And workouts always make me feel about a million times better ;)I still haven't made hard cooked eggs! Maybe tonight! Hope the food festival rocks

  5. Haha, when I saw that picture of the eggs I thought to myself "perfectly cooked!" before I even saw your caption ;)

    Boo, I'm sorry you had a tough day at work!! In my experience, jerk bosses are usually those who are insecure in their authority, so they overcompensate by being meanies. Some appreciate it when you stand up to them though. I know my old boss would get really pleased when I would disagree with him and insert my own opinion!

    Ooohh, I hope you took pics of the food festival - I can't wait to see them!