Saturday, 22 May 2010

Dairy Trial

What a beautiful day it has been today, even though I missed it by working it may me happy to know the sun is here and will be here for my day of tomorrow!
How's ya Saturday been peeps?

Mine started with 60 minutes of yoga followed by the first 20 minutes of 30 day shred
Good workout, I really enjoyed it!

Oats, carob, water, grounded chia seeds, soy yogurt and cinnamon

all mixed up into a tasty mess : )

costa coffee was needed today, soya latte, it was delish : )

I walked to my sisters for lunch. I've been checking on her flat while she has been away on holiday. It was Jes and her husband Dean's 2yr wedding anniversary yesterday and they have been in Marrakesh. I can't wait to see her and know what they got up to, she's back today hurrah!

Raw veggies, vegan pesto and 2 boiled eggs : )
It was nice to get out of work for lunch too, anytime I can break free is good for me!

After work I pooped to the supermarket to stock up on veggies, I also snacked on some rice cakes and peanut butter, no picture soz!

Dinner soup of course! Teamed with a sweet pot and some beets

I haven't eaten a sweet pot of AGES! This was yummy, I'm glad to bring them back to my life!

New product alert! I've been drinking the low lacto milk for ages now so decided to try some dairy yogurt as I eat so much soy I feel I need to mix it up a bit and have been hoping my intolerance to dairy is going down.

Doesn't this bowl look delish?!
1 small apple, blueberries, fromage frais, almonds and flax, cocoa and berry sprinkle

The fromage seems to have settle fine fingers crossed peeps!

I'm just gonna chill tonight and get to sleep relatively early, I'm meeting my friend Judith
in the morning to go to aqua fit and spinning, I'm really looking forward to aqua fit I've never been which means new class!

I hope your having a splendid weekend and the sun is shining for you too x x


Favorite yogurt?

Mine is soya but I love greek yogurt, maybe it will be also one I can ease back into my diet?


  1. I love goat yogurt! But- I'm sure I would prefer low lactose yogurt if I could find it.. Not a big fan of soy at all!

    Hope you have a great Sunday, lady!

  2. I'm greek yoghurt all the way! I'll be in Brighton either middle of July or middle of August and would love a blogger meet up if your free! I'll be very jealous of you moving to Brighton I just love the vibe down there! x

  3. Hey, just found your blog, and I'm loving all the pictures - so pretty! :)

    And as for your question: Natural, unsweetened (organic) yoghurt, absolutely not fat free is the best!

  4. All your soups make me want to make some! mmm..
    I acutally prefer soy yogurt (unsweetened) and I rarely have dairy ones. But I like greek yogurt too but never have that either because we only have the 8% fat onec over here..