Monday, 24 May 2010

2 More Sleeps!

2 MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!!! Yes only 2 more sleeps and I'll off to Ireland!
I'm so excited to see my mama and sister its gonna be the best!

Hello by the way and a big hello to all my new readers! I love it when someone new comes along and leaves a comment don't get me wrong I love all my readers but when someone new comments it makes me wonder if there are others that read but don't come and say hello?
If you are a reader and don't comment then hello to you too! Right enough rambling lets get on

I started my day by going to the pool and swimming 40 lengths! Yep I managed 40 today : )

I came home, tummy rumbling! I needed to grind some more chia seeds as I have run out.
As I've mentioned before chia seeds should be ground so they are absorbed by the body easier making sure you get all the goodness, they should also be kept in the fridge if like me you grind up a load for ease of use.

There was actually some carob porridge in the pot!

I walked to work, and wish I could say the morning was fun, it wasn't!
About 11am I gobbled 4 raw mushrooms, no picture sorry!

My sister met me for lunch and we sat outside chatting. I had a tuna salad for lunch.

Afternoon snack raw carrots : )

My beauty therapist came round to wax my legs tonight, by the time she had finished
my legs were sore and my tummy was calling for food!

Soup, sweet pot and mackerel

I only ate 1/2 the soup

I still had room for pud though!

Apple, soy yogurt, roasted almonds and cinnamon : )

I have lots to prepare for my holiday but first I need a list! This needs to be written tonight so I'm off to get on with it. I've decided to not take my computer to Ireland. I'm going to just have the week off taking photos of everything I eat. My body is crying out to relax and I just feel I need to go with the flow, I will obviously take some photos but they will be minimal and just high lights.
I hope thats ok with you guys?!


Do you get anything waxed?

I get my legs waxed now and again its worth the pain!

When you go away do you always blog or do you too feel you need to just stop and relax?

I blogged when I went away to Barcelona but it was a bit of a chore so this time I just need to cut off from everything and chill : )


  1. so many laps to swim! well done. don't worry about blogging while gone if you don't have the time.

    I have always wanted to try a wax but haven't braved up yet...

  2. Ireland is amazing! I went a few years back. Have fun :) Marcie

  3. I recommend not blogging...unplug and enjoy girl!

  4. When I go away I just blog when I can but don't really stress about it.
    I hope that this stupid volcano won't get in the way!