Sunday, 25 April 2010

Time To Get It Together

Hello I'm still in a blah mood so this will be short and sweet got to get my head together.........

Today I slept in till 9! That was unusual for me but I did stay up late watching Reservoir Dogs
last night, Michael Madson so so hot!

I had a nearly empty jar of tahini so I knew exactly what I wanted for breaky today cold oats in a jar!

I mixed 1/3 c. oats, 1/3 c. soya yogurt, 1 small apple, cinnamon + maca together and filled my empty jar it was perfect!

I snacked on this cliff bar

Twas ok, sticky and sweet

For lunch I made a tuna mayo/soya yogurt salad

I threw in grated carrot, white cabbage, soya beans, red onion, avocado and tuna
Tbsp mayo + Tbsp soya yogurt

I ate about 3/4 and saved the rest to go in my wrap tomorrow

After lunch I popped into town to meet my sister and some friends my back was for some reason really sore today so no exercise again!

Me and my sister went to get my car washed then I went to hers for a little bit. She had these new peanut butter cracker sandwiches for me to try I couldn't refuse!

Sweet, salty and fake tasting I can safely say once was enough!

Dinner - steamed veggies and chicken with mushrooms, garlic and spinach in a tomato and chili sauce

and hummus!

A little later I had warmed berries topped with soya yogurt, cinnamon and vanilla pumpkin seeds

The reason this post is called "time to get it together" is because I really need to get it together!
I have been eating way to many sweet treats of late and my body is just expanding! My clothes don't fit and I'm getting pretty sad about it all. So before I fall into a black hole I need to get myself back on track so from tomorrow I will be having no more than 1 pudding a day and that pudding will be a healthy one too! I'm also going to cut down on fats, I've said this before but I really must if my clothes are ever to fit me again! Hopefully depending on my back I will fit at least 5 workouts in during the week too.

Right I'm off to watch a movie sorry to be down but I guess some of you must know how I feel!?
Hope you have all had a fab weekend x x


Are you disciplined?

I used to be but the last few months I've been out of control!

Cold or Hot oats in a jar?

I'm loving the cold combo!


  1. I'm loving that yogurt salad! Looks fantastic and so versatile!

  2. sorry about the whack mood, doll! hang in there, you're amazing!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling that great. I love your eats and think they're super insprational :). I'm sure you'll be back to your "old self" in no time!
    Discipline.. Well it kind of depends. I'm often super disciplines but also super lazy. It's weird ;).
    I've never tried cold oats in a jar but they sound great.