Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Smooth or Crunchy?

Aren't days off the best!?
I had today off and although not to productive its been nice and chilled.

I started my day with 1 egg scrambled with mushrooms and a raspberry smoothie

I topped the smoothie with a drizzle of tahini : )

I spent most of the morning watching TV and trying to move my blog. I have decided to move my blog to wordpress, but its going to take a while. I'm not to techie and trying to do this alone is tuff, the directions I find just confuse me any advice would be truly appreciated!

I took a mid morning break and took a drive to the supermarket. Since being able to eat so many more foods there was food I really wanted back in my life.......PEANUT BUTTER!
So I picked up a jar to try, I went for smooth because the bits used to be a problem. As soon as I got home I had a snack of 1 jazz apple with peanut butter. Well dear readers no tummy ache so far but we'll see fingers crossed!

More hours were spent on my blog move and before I knew it lunch time had come

I also picked up some new wraps on my shopping trip, they have linseeds in them. I'm
not decided on them they kinda taste funny but the filling was fab!

My wrap consisted of chicken, spinach, mung bean sprouts and hummus. I also made some coleslaw to go on the side, it was delish!

A little while later I had a soya yogurt with a small seed and fruit bar

more blog headache.......

Before heading to the gym I decided to rustle up a protein cake

It only seemed right to try a little more peanut butter : )

I had an uber workout at the gym

15 minutes bike - random - L7
20 minutes cross trainer - random - L7 - L14 twice through
leg weights

then I went to a 45 minute spin class!

By the time I got home I was ready to eat and was glad to have defrosted some soup.
It was lentil and sweet pot delicious!

I also had some steamed veggies, hummus (of course!) and some mackerel in tomato sauce.
This hit the spot.

I as always had room for pudding! I got these vanilla pumpkin seeds when I was at the
Vitality Show back in March and decided tonight was the perfect time to try them

Yummy these didn't disappoint. I warmed some berries and topped with soya yogurt and the vanilla seeds, it was heavenly!

I'm knackered and am off to London for a day out tomorrow so farewell lovelies x x


Have you moved your blog to wordpress?

I'm not joking when I say any advice is welcome!

Do you like smooth or crunchy peanut butter?

I like it smooth x

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  1. I moved mine to wordpress- I prefer it to blogger, there's more you can do with it- like nesting pages- blogger is great though because it's simple to use!