Thursday, 29 April 2010

Sister Hanging

What a fabulous day off its been great! How's your day been? I had a day off so it started well and could only get better : ) I had a kind of lie-in today I got up at 7.30am so a little extra snoozing was had. I did 40minutes of yogalates to start my day

followed by a delicious breakfast

hot oats made with water and cinnamon, 1/2 banana, soya yogurt and peanut butter

all mixed up and topped with a little more cinnamon!

After breakfast I got ready then went to get my sister, we decided as we both had the day off we would get out of town and do a little shopping, we went to Ashford where they have an outlet center which is a lot nicer to the purse!

by the time we got there its was 12pm and we were both pretty peckish, luckily Jes packed some of her homemade pear and almond muffins!

Wow these babies are good! We went around the shops till around 3pm. I got a few bits for the gym, I really wanted some new trainers but didn't find any that took my fancy so I shall wait till I find some that really catch my eye. We were really getting hungry by now, home was calling our names.........

I bought a tuna salad with me, tuna left over from yesterday and

raw veggies mixed with cashew pesto, amazing!

I also ate some of this vege sausage roll, Jes didn't like it but I thought it was pretty tasty!

I left Jes to tidy her flat and I needed to get to the supermarket before getting ready for my spin class

pre-spin fuel = 1/2 banana, soy yogurt, cinnamon + small glass of LL lacto milk

45 minute spin class got me in the mood for food! ha ha

I actually wasn't that hungry so I heated up some soup and had a couple of rice cakes on the side
topped with balsamic

I did make room for some pud : )
Jazz apple, soy yogurt (yes I can eat this all day and not get bored!)
cinnamon and peanut butter

Yay my new passport holder came today! How cute is this!? I lost the other one I had along with my passport so I decided a new one was in order and I think I made the right choice

I'm sleepy after my fab day with my fab sister, sister hanging is the best!


Is there foods you eat now that you would never eat as a child?

I never like tomatoes as a child, I still don't like normal salad tomatoes but I'm loving the mini plum toms I bought they're real tasty : )


  1. omg that passport holder is tooooo cute!

    food as a child hmmm overcooked veggies were gross to me...and now, i still wont eat them that way but i will eat almost any veggie. it's just in the preparation. with skylar, i am mindful of that, too!

  2. I love your little twin stars passport holder!! So cute!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous day with your sister. I love hanging out with mine too - she's my best friend :).

    When I was a kid I hated olives and smelly cheese. I kind of still hate brussels sprouts though I haven't tried them in ages. Maybe I like them now ;)