Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Root Canal Is Not My Friend!

It seems we are all in agreement that meal messes rule! I definitely agree with Karin that presentation isn't everything and if it tastes good that's what matters right?

I started my day with a porridge and apple mess!

1/4 oats, 1/4 oat meal, milk/water, maca, cinnamon, small apple and brazil nut butter

I had a driving lesson after breakfast then got dropped off at the gym to get a workout in before my looming dental appointment

30 minutes cross trainer - intervals
25 minutes treadmill - intervals - run/fast walk

My dental appointment lasted for 2hrs! Root canal = no more sweeties! I can't go through that again it was not the best way to spend the morning of my day off that's for sure!

Luckily my sister had the day off too so I walked to hers after the dentist to hang out.

Once my mouth/tongue/cheek/lips! had stopped feeling numbed I enjoyed my pre-packed lunch while we watched a movie. I had the same lunch as yesterday minus the rocket it was just as tasty. We watched Adventureland, I really enjoyed this film and defo recommend it.

A little later I snacked on some ginger oat biscuits, these have a real bite.

I stayed at my sisters most of the day then walked home dropping into the shops on the way.

I was pretty hungry when I got in so grabbed a slice of rye bread toasted it and smothered in tahini this hit the spot : )

I made up a carrot + walnut cake and popped over to my dads to bake it, we still have no oven!

While my cake baked I fixed dinner, steamed veg, slice of toasted rye bread topped with a beef mince and spinach mess!


I went round to get my cake and it was perfectly cooked

Obviously I had to have a slice for pud, I teamed it with some soya yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and it was fabulous! This is such an easy cake to create and it turns out perfect every time.

I've got some driving questions to revise so ta ta x x


Whats your favorite bread?

I can't eat yeast so rye is easiest for me and I love it especially when it has seeds in it. I'm thinking of trying some fajita breads but am kinda scared as I've only been eating gluten again for a couple of weeks and have stuck to oats but I wont know until I try right?!

Favorite fajita filling?

Well if I'm gonna try I'll need some inspiration!


  1. oh heck yah girl! Taste is way more important than presentation ;). Glad to hear the tooth is taken care of...even though I'm sure it was a ROUGH 2 hours (oh goodness!!). The bread looks like it turned out perfect and I so want to try to make a vegetarian version of you rye bread topped with a beef mince and spinach mess.

    Favorite bread- hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so many I love. Cinnamon sweet bread or brown bread

    Favorite fajita filling- PEPPERS & ONIONS!!

  2. Omg take care of your tooth and yourself. Dental work is very draining. If you take probiotics or arnica or zinc, it may help facilitate overall healing :)


  3. taste trumps looks in all cases. but in this case, all your food looks so good! that bread, yum! i dont have a fave bread, i love it ALL!

  4. you are so right! taste is DEF more important!
    bread? hmmmmmm..sourdough! so tany-love it!
    fajita filling! sauteed veggies!

  5. Your cake looks wonderful - carrots and walnut sound like a fun combo. I've had a root canal procedure done too, ugh, it's the worst...but relieving once its over!

  6. Oh boy that sounds awful. But is your tooth ache gone for good now? I hope so..
    Hooray for messy food! We should throw a messy food party ;).
    That cake looks to die for! I've been wanting to make one for ages but never really seem to be at home these days. Sigh. Can't wait for Saturday.
    Bread.. mmm... I wonder why some people claim that it's evil because of the carbs. What's there not to love about bread? ;) I think that my favourite is any sort of whole wheat bread with lots of seeds and nuts. Mmm love.

  7. Uggh, I've had to have a root canal...never again! So horrible and expensive!!

    The walnut cake looks delish!