Saturday, 24 April 2010

Peanut Butter Nutter

Easy tigers how ya do'in?! I'm hmmmmmm happy but just not feeling the enthusiasm to post so
this post is gonna be picture heavy but light on words hope thats coolio with you?

First of all I wasn't around last night because a friend came round to watch movies and have dinner so I stayed away from the mac last night which means a little re-cap is in order so here we go:

Saturday started A OK! I received this little pack of peanut butter with cinnamon in the giant package of food goods I won. I couldn't wait to try it!

You can't get ya hands on squeezable peanut butter in the UK, mores the pity!

I had a chopped apple with soya yogurt, loads of cinnamon topped with a squeeze of peanut butter! This didn't disappoint I was pleasantly surprised : )

I also had some scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach.

My new flower clips, what do you think?

My name is Tamzin and I'm addicted to false eyelashes!

Breakfast kept me nice and full until I got to have my lunch:

Salmon, hummus and raw veggie wrap accompanied by a new fitness mag = fab lunch!

I also tried this chocolate peppermint stick luna bar

twas nice but not the best I've tasted

After work I went to the gym:

20 minutes cross trainer - random - L8 speed 10.8 - L13 speed 7.5
15 minutes leg weights
30 minutes treadmill - 1 min 6mph, 1min 6.5mph, 3 min 8.3 mph x 4

I refueled with a slice of rye toast topped with the rest of my cinnamon peanut butter left over from breakfast. I'm turning into a peanut butter nutter!

Leanne came round after she finished work and we went to the supermarket to get dinner.

We decided on tuna mayo salad, well I had that and leanne had a sweet pot with tuna mayo and sweetcorn. I just had a salad overload!

I was so good!

For the rest of the night we watched movies and may have eaten some ice cream um alot of ice cream, blush blush!

Peanut butter addiction was revived this morning too!

For breakfast I had 1/4 c oats, soya yogurt, cinnamon, apple and...........

Peanut Butter!!!!!!

Work was busy busy and I had to go get change around 12 so I also gobbled half of this Glo bar which I also receivd in my food package! It was pretty good : )

I was supposed to go kickboxing today but the lesson was canceled and I'm quite glad as my back is a little sore today so I guess a rest day was in order.

I met my sister after work as I finished at 3.30pm and we went for a soda in a bar, we sat in the blazing sun and got all summery it was fab. After chatting we popped round the shops and I bought a fabulous pair of summer sandals which I will post a picture of soon they're luurrrrrvly!

I got home and popped round to see my papa before dinner, we had to put some water and wash fluid in my car for the wipers. Then i came home and made a crazy yummy salad. Its the sun it obviously brings out the salad in me!

Raw veggies, feta cheese and mackerel in tomato sauce so good!

Followed by a vanilla soya yogurt and cut up peanut butter + jelly lara bar!
See peanut butter nutter!


Are you a peanut butter nutter?

I am obviously fast becoming one!

Favorite cheese?

I don't get on with ya regular cows cheese but I decided to give goats a try its been so long and now I've been drinking the LL lacto milk my tummy is getting used to dairy. The cheese seems to be ok so far...........


  1. Fabulous! Isn't Justin's so yummy? they just posted that they are coming out with more environmentally friendly squeeze packaging!!! So awesome. Love the flower and all of your fresh veggies. I am a nut butter nut! Hmmm I love all cheese- especially goat, feta, and moz!

  2. Ok so I won some Glo Bars, and nothing against Angela, but they were not for me. I like my no-bake bars (and yours!) better!
    P-stick luna. AGain, good, but it's far more hyped than necessary i think. you're the 1st person that i know who's like "ok but not amazing".
    me too!

    falsies...LOVE THEM. And the pic of you is great!