Thursday, 22 April 2010

Package Ahoy!

I'm going to have to whiz through this post as its late and I gotta get up early but I had to
share my joy with ya!

I woke up early to get ready before my early start in our new shop, I had a boiled egg first thing

Then I had a chocolate and peanut butter smoothie which was divine but I have to say I put to much ice in so it was FREEZING!

The pine nut topping went very well ; )

Our new shop is huge and very nicely done its good to be in a shop without chewing gum stuck to the floor! But the best thing about getting to work was finding..........

My giveaway finally came! Thank you so much Jocelyn!

Breakfast kept me going till around 1.30pm but then the tummy started to growl. Look how cute my new sandwich box is!

Salmon, pesto and hummus wrap with peppers, spinach and mung bean sprouts, this was amazing!

Later in the afternoon I dipped into my box of goodies and tried this maple pecan pro bar
Wow loved it!

There is an INSANE amount of goodies in here to many to picture so I will show and tell each item when consumed

This lot will keep me going for a while!

I got out of work late so threw together a quick dinner, steamed veg, chicken breast and hummus

I used a tomato chili sauce to liven things up

I also went to a spin 45minute class a while after dinner it was a fab sweat fest!

I needed something when I got home so thought a glass of milk and a dip into my goodie bow was in order

Finally I get to try a luna bar!

One word YUMMY!

I also couldn't help but eat this vegan peanut butter cookie, which was pretty small but
very tasty. I was just so excited to receive this package I had kind written it off to the postage
graveyard but I was pleasantly surprised!

Nighty night folks x x


Favorite flavour Luna bar?

The dulce de leche was fab I can't wait to try the others!

Any weekend plans?

I have a friend coming to stay tomorrow for a girlie movie night, kickboxing Saturday afternoon and Sunday I will hopefully be meeting my sister for a coffee in the parks cafe


  1. congrats on the probar and luna and that pb vegan cookie...nice mailbox treats for you today!

  2. So many goodies!! I've never tried Luna bars but they look delicious.
    I have way too much planned for the weekend as it's my boyfriend's birthday on Sunday and I have lots of prepping to do.. It's all good though ;)
    I'm glad that it's Friday!

  3. Wow! I'm so jealous of that big box of goodies! Maple and pecan bar and the Luna Bar sound amazing!