Monday, 26 April 2010


I do hope you guys have had a better day than me! Hello by the way, I was supposed to work today but last night I felt really ill and the same today so I I've spent most of my day in bed not feeling well at all : (

When I woke up today I felt kinda ok, I made breakfast

I small jazz apple, soya yogurt, cinnamon and peanut butter

Scrambled egg, mushrooms and spinach

About 20 minutes after breakfast the sicky feeling was back so I went to bed with a hot water and ginger, my back is also uber sore again damn it!

I had a slice of rye toast with soya marg around 11.30 which helped the sicky feeling a little.
I watched a movie till it was time for lunch

I used the rest of my leftover tuna salad from yesterday and added some extra peppers to make a yummy seeded wrap

I also added a teeny bit of feta

I also had this blueberry luna bar

I don't really rate this badboy tasted way to sweet and unhealthy but I'm glad I got to try it!

2pm came and I just had to get up and do something so I got ready and went to the supermarket to get some veg and petrol. I also drove out to see a friend. Roxanne lives about 20 mins out of town, she has twin girls that are just so cute. Its so nice that I can get out to see her now I can drive : ) I spent a couple of hours there then came home to get a walk in before my osteopath appointment. I walked for an hour which felt good I haven't done anything for the past couple of days

I snacked on these before my walk

Snapped back into place and ready for dinner!

Almond and sesame tofu with.............

Steamed veggies in a pesto sauce and baby plum tomatoes

Followed by soya yogurt mixed with cinnamon and some hazelnuts

I feel pretty good about today's eats I've stayed in control!

I now know the reason for me feeling ill, but I'm keeping that quite for now.

Here's hoping your start to the week is going well x x


Do you find it easy to keep away from sugar?

I find it insanely hard but I'm gonna give it my best shot!

Favorite sugarless snack?

Mine is defo raw veggies


  1. Oh my god! I'm trying to cut back on sugar too! It's so freaking hard- I had ketchup on my eggs today- but I'm trying to stick to naturals.. that didn't happen today- perhaps tomorrow.

    Sorry you're feeling bummy! Hopefully tomorrow will be better! xo

  2. Aw, feeling sick is awful ay, I hope you're feeling better soon.
    Mmm... yogurt!

  3. Oh no! I hope you'll feel better soon! :(
    Your eats look great indeed. And I spy almond and sesame tofu!! ;) It's the best.
    For me it's so hard to stay away from sugar.. I mean technically even fruits have sugar and I will never give up my bananas ;). However, kicking "sugar" sugar is still difficult. It's hidden everywhere!

  4. i dont eat tons of processed foods but i dont shun sugar either. natural sugar is fine by me and even some unnatural :)

    feel better, no more nausea!

  5. Hope you feel better really soon, amazed your eats look so good considering you were poorly! xx

  6. i think those blueberry lunas are TOO sweet! hope you get feeling better xoxo