Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Meal Messes

Hello, nearly half way through the week already. Roll on the weekend I have Sunday off yay!
I might even hit the town Saturday night.........

I was thinking today how many of my meals look like a mess and realized that most of them do! Take my breakfast for instance I decided on a cold homemade muesli again with a few blueberries and a small apple mixed with soya yogurt and brazil nut butter a la Debs.
A total meal mess yes but a very tasty mess and a great tummy filler : )

My breakfast mess held me over till lunch but I was sure happy when it was time to have my next meal mess! I popped out on lunch to get some rays to top up my vitamin D levels and grab something sweet for after my lunch. I bought my favorite sweet snack at the moment well a variety box actually! 9 handy packs of oat cookies for £1.89 not bad me thinks?

On to meal mess 2. I had tuna risotto in a sun dried tomato sauce with raw mushrooms and rocket.

Another delicious mess!

I decided on some fruit and spice oat biscuits for afters.

These biscuits really are beginning to become a favorite of mine : )

Meal mess 3. For dinner I made a nice easy dinner, steamed veg a slice of rye toast topped with ham, onion and egg scramble

This was really easy to make and very satisfying. I used sunflower rye bread which I bought today it had a lovely nutty flavor a clear winner in my book!

Pud was a sugar free protein oat muffin made in the microwave

Topped with the last of my chocolate hazelnut butter from Debs

I gotta get going need to straighten the hair before bed night loves x x


Do you make meal messes?

I obviously do but I have to say they are so tasty I'm probably always going to eat this way!
Easy, tasty and healthy I can't ask for much more!

Do you season?

I don't season everything but most nights I will add a little sprinkle of salt to my meal. Its well known that 6g of salt is our daily allowance but I eat no where near that amount. Plus if you've ever measured 6g out you would think it crazy to eat such a large quantity!


  1. messy meals are the BEST meals! i dont really like salt. i like pepper and cinnamon though!

  2. risotto in a sun dried tomato sauce with raw mushrooms = lovely!

    the sugarfree oat cake? did i miss a recipe??! that looks perfect and EASY (well simple ingredients probably, maybe not easy...)

    You're awesome, Tam!

  3. I've just had a pear yoghurt mess for my breakfast with quinoa flakes, maca, raisins, grape nuts, ground flax, flaked almonds, greek yoghurt and 1 chopped pear, it looked like a bowl of mud, but tasted wonderful! Sometimes presentation isn't everything x

  4. You know, I always think that my meals are crazy messy compared to the stylish food presentation of so many food bloggers ;). Let's enjoy our messes together, lol.
    I do season my meals and use salt (though very little). I love spices and herbs though.