Wednesday, 21 April 2010

London Lovin!

Another fab day off has been had by moi! How has your Wednesday been? Happy the weekend is nearly here? I sure am because I have Sunday off yay! I'll warn you now this is a photo heavy post as I spent my day off in the big smoke, yep I went to London today with my friend Wayne and its was great. More on that later lets get started on the day.

I woke up early and downed a small pot of protein mouse before heading to the gym where I had a great workout

15 minutes cross trainer - set on random - L7 to L13 intervals fast!
arm weight routine 20 minutes 3 sets I felt the burn
plank x 3, push ups 3 sets 8,10,12 between arm sets
15 minutes treadmill - set on 1.0 height - 2 minute fast walk 6.5mph - 13 minute run 8mph
1 minute slow 5mph

When I returned my tum tum was ready to feed! And feed it did!

2 egg yolks, 1 egg white, mushrooms and spinach

1 jazz apple, soya yogurt, cinnamon and peanut butter!!!!!! : )

This breakfast was soooooooo filling! I didn't even feel peckish till around 1.30pm which is crazy for me. The sun was shining and me and Wayne enjoyed walking round the shops with the feel of summer in the air.

Obviously being in London I had to take a trip to Whole Foods! So much to choose from in there I just couldn't decide what to get. I settled on a raw cocoa goji bar I ate its pictured later in the post.

My tummy started to rumble so we made our way to Covent Garden which is where my favorite restaurant is. We walked through China town, I love the chinese packaging

The colours are so cool!

How cute are these packets!

We finally got to our destination

Neals yard is the place where my fav restaurant can be found...........

Neals yard salad bar!!!!!!!!

Its a vegan food bar and I am never disappointed

My sequin jacket blinded everyone in my path!

For lunch I had a courgette, cauliflower and potato risotto with brown rice. This was delicious but I left the potato as I wanted room for the carrot and coconut muffin I got for pud! Wow the muffin was a fab decision on my part ; )

After lunch we did some window shopping then before we new it was time to make a move so off to the train station we went........

On the train I couldn't resist trying my raw bar from wholefoods it was yummy : )

Now for a show and tell of the little bit of shopping I did:

I actually didn't buy these, there was an alpro soya stall in the station so I grabbed a couple of free samples 1 choc yogurt and 1 vanilla, I love these!

I invested in a cute lunch container

china town got me and i couldn't resist some cute goodies

How cool are these!

I never want to open them but I'm kinda thinking I will!

I'm glad I don't live near china town I would be broke and fat! ha ha

Summer being on its way I had to buy some new shades

and pretty little flowers for my hair, H&M love it!

for dinner I ate the rest of my homemade coleslaw with a chicken breast mixed in, steamed veg and a dollop of hummus

This was uber filling!

But as always I made room for pudding!

I used the soya chocolate yogurt and had it with some plain soya yogurt and hazelnuts.

Well I can say I'm pretty tired, I've had a wonderful day but need to get to bed now. I have a busy day ahead tomorrow we are opening our new flagship store and its gonna be crazy!


Have you been to London, did you like it?

I love London but a day shopping is enough it tires me out mentally with all the beautiful things I want but can't afford!

Do you buy things just for the packaging?

I'm a sucker for packaging!

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  1. Ah! Neals yard is so so cute! I have been to London, but it was on a group trip (I cheerlead-ed in the millennium parade). Great buys. Gotta love free samples and those flowers are going to look super cute in your hair.

  2. Oh I love your jacket!!! sequins and all!

    And a London WFs...too cool!
    The vegan restaurant looks amazing.

    Hello Kitty ANd pudding....
    what a great post, Tam!

  3. I'm am not only a sucker for packaging, but bags! I love bags from little shops- I feel it's a detail that is never truly appreciated, but I appreciate it!

    And no, have no been to London- jealousy is always something I feel when I read your blog- I have family over there I need to go visit!

  4. Love the sequins! And the Hello Kitty container. I'm jealous of your sense of style.

  5. LOVE those flowers! The'd look super cute on ANZAC day... oh wait, on Poppy day for you! :)

  6. i would LOVE TO GO TO LONDON!! im so jelous! LOVE your sequined jacket! looks so awesome on you!

  7. Wow, I've never been to London, but it looks amazing!
    And yeah, I've purchased food for the packaging. I bought a box of Bimbo cakes in Beijing just because I thought it was funny, and because it was the only English label in the store!

  8. Love your photos! Love London! I really miss that city but luckily I'll go back there in May (well as long as that volcano doesn't act weird again ;)). Oh and I will move to London in January but that's still a top secret as nothing is 100% settled. Just waiting for the final arrangements. I have to remember that restaurant.
    Have you ever been to InSpiral? It's in Camden and I love their healthy veggie food.
    I love the goodies that you got in Chinatown! I'm definitely a sucker for packaging too - especially cute one (that must be the Japanese genes or something.. we're automatically addicted to everything cute ;)).
    Oh and: great workout! :)