Thursday, 15 April 2010

Kickboxing Rules!!!!!!

I've had the best day off!!!!!!!

My day started with 30 minutes of yoga followed by...........

a yogurt, oat, tahini apple mess!

yum yum yum : )

After breakfast I popped round to my papas for a tea and a chat, my dads one of me best friends
and I love chatting with him. After our tea we headed out to pick my sister up then we were off to the cinema 3D glasses at the ready! We went to see Alice in Wonderland 3D and it didn't disappoint! I absolutely LOVED this film and Johnny Depp was fab, I also loved the queen of hearts. The special effects were brill and I definitely recommend you go and see it!

The cinema is in a town 40 minutes away so we had to jet back so I could grab my boxing gloves and get some lunch before heading back out to get to my lesson.

I didn't have much time so I just threw together a smoothie for lunch. This was a berry and choc protein smoothie which may sound better than it tasted!

I ate about half then binned the rest it just wasn't working for me.
Do you like my new bowl?! This was the best thing about this meal!

I grabbed my gloves then headed back out for my kickboxing lesson. Man this was a kick butt killer of a lesson! I had an hour private lesson and it was sooooooooo good! I'd forgotten just how much I love kickboxing, it felt good to be back and man did I get worked! My instructor is actually the UK and World champion kick boxer so I'm being trained by the best! We did loads of punching routines, kicking routines and circuit training and by the end I was a sweaty mess! But I can't wait for my next lesson! I'm hopefully going to get 1 private lesson a week then I might go to one of the open sessions but I'm not decided yet. Ed, my trainer, also gave me some diet advice which I'm not going to go into but I am going to definitely start doing what he suggested to help shift some of my unwanted this space!

Anyway after my lesson I was pretty hungry, my lunch was a poor excuse! So I snacked on a pulsin maca ashwagandha raw chocolate bar. This my friends was delish, then I was ready to hit the road and drive home. My loving the driving by the way!

I went to the supermarket when I got back so by the time I got in I was HUNGRY!

This looks like a weird mix but it worked for me!

Soup, beets, chicken and hummus = YUM : )

About an hour after I had this little pot of heaven

1/2 pot soya yogurt, 2 cubes of sliced crystallized ginger, 1 small apple, cinnamon and a spoonful of tahini.

I'm absolutely pooped so goodnight y'all x x


Do you kickbox?

I had a blasted today and am not lying when I say I can't WAIT to go to my next class!

Best way you lost weight?

I lost loads of weight from not eating sugar a couple of years ago I so need to get back on that!


  1. It's so true that kick boxing is amazing...It really is such a great workout! It's total body toning for sure!

  2. i want to try KBing! BFL works for me and weight loss. love your pot o heaven!

  3. I box, I love it! Do you kickbox for fitness or do you compete?

  4. Its just for fitness, I've only just got back into it but its my fav cardio/toning exercise!

  5. Not eating sugar is one of the best ways to lose weight- that and no processed foods (which can be a bit hard)! I too need to get off the sugar- I've been good the last couple days, but the weekend starts tomorrow- ugh!

  6. girl you must start telling us whats in yo smoothies and stuff! they always look soo good!!! YUMMM! i am dying to try kickboxing!

  7. I love that you had a sesh with a trainer. for the 1st time in my life, about 2-3 weeks ago, i met with a trainer who is my guy for fitness comps now but i am doing it 95% myself as i cannot afford reg sesh's with him.

    losing weight? common sense. whole fruits, vegs, lean protein, low(ish) carbs, exercise, no boozing, no coffee drinks that are half cream, that type of thing. Just common sense, nothing magic :)

  8. I also found that avoiding sugary stuff helped me to lose weight. When I need to lose a bit of weight I avoid carbs and even watch my fruit intake as that has quite a bit of sugar in it as well. I just drink more protein shakes as well. Not fun but it does work!

  9. Love that your dad is one of your best mates too. I think it's fantastic when you get along with your parents so well :).
    I don't really need to lose any weight but I want to tone up more. Kicking sugar is so hard though as it's hidden everywhere.
    I want to know what kind of diet tips your trainer gave you ;). I've never tried kickboxing before but it sounds like lots of fun.