Monday, 19 April 2010

I'm Still Alive!

Hello everyone sorry I haven't been around the past couple of days but I've been uber busy and
just haven't had time to post. I hope you are all well and have had a fab weekend?! Mine has been fab! So this post is gonna be a real re-cap hope thats ok?!

I left you on Saturday just before heading out to my friends party and the party treats didn't disappoint!

I only got a few pictures as the light was poo! My favorites of the evening were mini strawberry
ice creams, mini Kahlua muffins and mini vanilla custard tarts with raspberries topped with pecan meringues! These were like little drops of heaven!


Saturday/Sunday foods + snacks + breakfasts


Sunday was my papas birthday so I made dinner for him, his girlfriend and Maggie my house mate. For main I made buckwheat pasta with creme fraiche, pesto, olives, broccoli and peas.
This went down very well and all enjoyed the flavors.

I also made paps a pear and ginger cake this was definitely the highlight of the evening.
My dad and well all of us LOVED this bad boy it was indeed tastalicious!


Today I had to go on a training day with the rest of my work colleagues.
We are opening a new store on Thursday so had to get a refresh on how to push push push
which to me = blah blah blah! ha ha

I started my day with an chocolate almond smoothie and a boiled egg (not pictured!)

for lunch I had a chicken wrap with hummus and raw veggies

every bite was a delight! I also had an apple again not pictured!

After a long day of talking and driving I was ready to have dinner and relax

tofu, steamed veggies in a pesto sauce with a dollop of hummus on the side

basil tofu ummmmmmmmmmm!

pud was warmed berries topped with soya yogurt, hazelnuts, pine nuts and cinnamon

I'm guessing I don't need to tell how GOOD this was!?

I have lots of blogs to catch up on so I'm gonna say goodnight friends and I shall be back to normal posting x x


Do you feel bad when you can't fit in a blog post?

At first I used to but I'm ok with it now

Do you have to go on training days for work?

We are supposed to go on 1 a month, thankfully this rarely happens!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. VERY sweet of you to make such a yummy dinner and cake for your dad! I'm sure he really appreciated it. I post when I can- I used to feel really bad if I missed a regular posting but now I realize everyone gets busy and totally understands! We have random trainings at my work.

  2. We do have to go on training days- but since I'm a PT, they are usually quite a bit of fun- lot's of people watching!

    And, I used to feel bad about not posting- then I realized I have a life offline, and so does everyone else- I don't need to worry about it too much- blogging is for me, no one else.

    Have you heard the band She and Him? I feel like you would love them!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend! It's so lovely of you to whip up a birthday dinner. :)

    I used to hate training days also for the same reasons.. I just hate that sell! sell! sell! attitude.

    I definitely used to feel guilty about not blogging too but life is my priority and I would never ever miss something more important because I "have" to write a post.

  4. I think it's awesome you had a great weeekend and not much blogging...I am trying to do that going fwd rather than sit on my computer all weekend...not fun! Anyway love the tofu and all these pics and here's to you enjoying life!