Friday, 30 April 2010

Chocolate Craving

I'm finally feeling so much better at the moment and I'm keeping the positive feelings going.
My back is really improving with everyday which just makes me smile, being able to exercise is like a drug to me, it makes me so happy I love it! My friends say I'm nuts but its just what I do ya know!? With my back getting better I can now actually start getting excited about things that will be happening in the near future, I still can't reveal this info but give it about 6 weeks and all will be revealed! Right let me get on with today's eats.......

I stayed in bed for a little extra snooze time so no yoga today but I guess I needed the zzz's
I had scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach on top of a slice of rye bread

After getting ready for work I walked into town preparing myself for the day ahead, no moody manager today which means a good day!

Mid morning one of the Steve's (there is 2 at work!) mum popped in to the shop with cakes! Big cream cakes, but she also bought an iced bun which may or may not have been eaten by someone called Tamzin..........p.s it was worth every bite!

My iced bun kept me full for ages but by 1.30ish I was ready for lunch plus I planned a trip to the gym after work so I needed to eat to make sure my food had been digested! I started lunch with some raw veggies

Followed by a chicken wholemeal wrap, with cashew pesto! I finally found some wholemeal wraps and they are so much better, this was one tastalicious wrap!

This is one satisfied but very full little lady!

I went to the gym after work and had a fab workout:

20 minutes cross trainer - set on random - L8/9 fast - L13/14 slow
20 minutes leg weights
15 minutes stepper - set on random - L7 8 minutes - L8 7 minutes
32 lunges each leg, 32 squats + lots of other leg toning exercises
plank 1 minute x 2

I was a sweaty beast after my session and on the walk home I succumbed to this maple nut cliff bar that was in my bag, I really liked this flavor, twas pretty good

Dinner was kept nice and easy, homemade veg soup with steamed veggies, beets and hummus

broccoli and hummus is a total flavor combo winner!!!!!

Pudding - raspberries soya yogurt and peanut butter

I got this chocolate at the Vitality Show back in March and I just needed some chocolate tonight. So I'm just gonna eat it! Dark chocolate with orange oil and cranberries ooooo this is gonna be good!


Are you a sweet or savory breakfast lover?

I never used to have savory breakfasts but I'm getting into eggs first thing they are yummy and filling which means a winner for me!

If your craving something do you give in?

I usually give in with a healthy version but sometimes you just gotta have the real thing ya know?! Plus I've eaten so well all week I gotta have one treat day! x x


  1. I totally hear you on the love of exercise. I would be majorly bummed if I couldn't get my sweat on ;) Can't wait to hear what you have in store. Love hummus+ broc. Hummus in carrots comes in a close second though. I think its good to give into your cravings and have a special treat every now and again!

  2. I love all sorts of breakfasts but always have to go with my cravings :).
    Same goes for sweets - if I want something I'll just have it. Life's too short!
    It's so good to hear that your back is so much better. And don't worry - my friends think I'm nuts too because I work out "a lot".

  3. the clif bar in blue berry is one of my fave bars ever b/c it tastes like a bloob muffin to me..which is a good thing. never had the maple though :)

  4. So happy to hear your back is improving!! And I want to know all about what these future plans are!

    I love it when I hear people say "worth every bite." It's all about picking what's worth splurging on and it is sooooo satisfying when there are no guilty feelings associated with it. I incorporate chocolate and fruit into my diet every day, so it usually keeps the sweet cravings in check.

    Oh, and my sweet tooth is the worst in the morning. But when I go for something savoury, I find it lessens my sweet cravings for the rest of the day!

  5. I usually give into my cravings as otherwise I end up snacking on a bunch of random things, and then eating what I had originally planned! The pudding, pb and berry mix looks so good - I have to try that.

  6. It's important to listen to the body and give into cravings or else I go overboard later, speaking of which I've been craving some chocolate too! So glad you are feeling good and happy :) I usually like the sweet and savory combo for breakfast. mmm I always love seeing your puddin'!