Thursday, 1 April 2010

Homemade Cakes Are Best!

Well can you believe it everyone its April!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy huh? How was the first day of the month for you? Mine was A ok. I had the day off so it was gonna be pretty good anyway.

I started my day with a GIANT bowl of porridge, I added to much water so it was kind of apple porridge soup but I hate waste so I ate it anyway! Plus the big spoonful of almond butter made everything better : )

This gave me just the right energy I needed for my driving lesson followed by the gym.

30 minutes cross trainer - set on random - L8 fast/L13 slow
arm weights/squats n lunges
15 minutes stepper - set on random - L8
Plank + Side Planks

After my workout I walked home and got showered before my second driving lesson!
I had an extra one today because I missed one due to my bad tooth : (

Before my lesson I had a much needed snack - perfectly ripened pear + 2 mixed berry oat biscuits one with a smear of Debs choc almond butter

Hands up I'm addicted to the nut butters I won, so so good!

I had just enough time to grab some lunch before heading out again. Luckily I had the other half of the salad I made yesterday so lunch was nice and easy

I went out for a little drive with my dad after lunch I had an appointment with a hypnotherapist!
I'm not going into details yet but the session went really well and I feel a lot better about my worries, and if nothing else this was the first time in ages I've been truly relaxed!

I had some baking to do when I got home but before I sat down to a tasty snack.
1 slice of linseed corn bread + 1 egg white
This was so yummy I'll definitely be having this combo again

I baked another carrot and walnut cake but this time added some flaked almonds instead of the extra walnuts. Homemade cakes are so much better than bought don't ya think? I find shop bought are way to sugary mine on the other hand are fabulous! he he he he

It looks kinda burnt but it isn't at all my cake turned out perfectly!

For din din's I made a chicken and salmon curry. Man what a tasty dinner this was a fabulous curry and I made enough for tomorrows lunch yay!

Pud had to be a slice of my new cake obviously!

Teamed with soya yogurt and cinnamon which is a perfect flavor match

I haven't had time to think of my April goals, I'm going to go over them in the next few days maybe even by tomorrow but I'm not pressuring myself!

I'm calling it a night not only am I pretty tired after today's events but I need to sort my hair and pick some winners of my giveaway! Good Luck sweet readers results will be in tomorrows post!


When you make something and it doesn't go to plan, do you throw away and start again?
Or do you salvage best you can to prevent waste?

I try to salvage I hate to waste food! Unless its totally fowl of course!

Favorite porridge/oat add in?

Mine is almond butter hands down it just makes it unbelievably goooooooood!


  1. I like to eat porridge nowadays. Hehe

  2. Yes!! Homemade cakes are definitely the best, but you konw what?? Runny oatmeal/porridges are equally awesome!! I actually don't like my oatmeal thick, so your doesn't look too liquidy to me at all!! It looks Delicious!! :)

  3. My favorite otameal (is that the same as porridge) add in is nut butter as well!

    I also always try to salvage my not so tasty eats.

  4. WOAH! that bread looks EPIC! erm, cake, whatever. YUM! i try to salvage and favorite add in? oh man, it is a toss up. mighty maple peanut butter probably wins though!

  5. YUMMMM favorite add in to oats..that would be frozen berries!!! that cake looks amazzzing

  6. Your cake looks yummy!
    I try to salvage all my foods, even if it doesn't taste really good. But after eating something like that, I'm not satisfied, and I need more :))
    banana&pb in my oats :)

  7. i try to salvage at all costs but i refuse to eat something gross, just to say i saved it :)

  8. Lately I've been mixing in Flaxseed Oil (once the Porridge has cooled down) and Lecithin Granules for an extra health kick. But Strawberries will always be my fave topping.

    Your cakes look so cute! I'm going to make another Carrot cake this week. Might try adding slithered Almonds on top.