Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to take the night off yesterday. I just needed to chill and watch some movies,
so I did and enjoyed every second of it!

Firstly I will do a little recap of my Saturday........

I gave myself the day off from exercise so had an extra 20 minutes in my warm bed before getting up to get ready for work. I made myself a huge bowl of oats with maca, ground linseeds,
cinnamon, an apple and a spoonful of tahini. I also finally broke open the Kara coconut milk
I bought at the vitality show. This is so yummy and refreshing, it tasted fab in my porridge : )

Even though I didn't do any exercise routines I did walk to and from work. My walk to work took me through the park, which is my favorite.

Around 12ish I snacked on a small piece of linseed and corn bread, love this bread!

Lunch was peas, sushi and mixed berry oat biscuits = great lunch

I finished work at 3.30pm so went round town grabbing stuff for Sundays lunch. Once
I got home I had a piece of carrot, walnut and almond cake so love this cake!

No more photos but just so you know I ate sausage and chips for dinner and followed it with a chocolate ice cream. Yes it was comfort food but you know its just needed sometimes!


Luckily Easter Sunday is one of the two days the shopping center I work in closes over the year
(the other being Christmas day). I woke up pretty early, damn you body clock! But before getting up I decided to read for 1/2hr. I then got up and did an hour of yogalates. Before starting my exercises I laid on the floor and just breathed in and out for 5minutes listening to my thoughts and working things out. This was really refreshing and I'm going to try and do this everyday day
for at least 5minutes.

For breakfast I finally used my waffle machine! And boy am I glad I did. I actually bought this about a month and a half ago but just haven't had the time to break it open and learn how to use it. I happy to say its really easy to use and makes a fabulous breakfast. I made sweet waffles and had a yummy crunchy brae burn apple on the side

I topped my waffles with soya yogurt and Debs chocolate and cardamon almond butter, delish!

These were so filling! I think the topping was a little to rich but hey its Easter I'll let myself off!
I'm going to go out for a little walk/run round the park after this post I think some calorie burn will do the body some good! Especially when I have this to return to.................

Yummy chocolate egg!!!!!!!!!


Are you enjoying some chocolate eggs today?

As you can see I am!

Do you have any waffle recipes you would like to share?

I think I may have asked this before but now I've used the waffle machine I need more inspiration and I know you lovely people have the best ideas! Links please!!!!!


  1. I LOVE that plate!!! I can't wait till I have a house and pretty china like that :)

    That is probably the nicest waffle I've ever seen - what a neat press you have! I blend equal amounts rolled oats, cottage cheese and egg whites (usually 1/3 cup or 1/2 cup each) with baking powder, vanilla and cinnamon. They're pretty darn good, and high in protein too.

    No chocolate eggs today - but there is always chocolate ;)

  2. your waffle makes HEART WAFFLES? jealous!!! no chocolate eggs for me today. but hard boiled ones are on the menu!

    happy easter!

  3. Happy Easter to you too! Glad you enjoyed the coconut milk- I really want to try it. Oww waffles- what a fun easter treat! I had some fruit crisp today- no chocolate! I'm more of a sugary sweets fan vs. chocolate. Enjoy the rest of your day

  4. Those are gorg waffles! I love how amazing those are!!!! Happy Easter, Tam! And I am about to eat some dark choc, not choc eggs, but homemade :)