Friday, 16 April 2010

Goldfish Loving

Yay its Friday! I bet that makes you so happy, well those that have he weekend off unlike me : (
To be honest I'm not to bothered as I have a busy weekend ahead. I have a party to go to tomorrow night which should be fun, I'm driving so I shall be going round for dinner then heading home before everyone else goes into town to really start partying! I have to work Sunday and going to work in a phone shop with a hangover is not fun! Anyways lets get on shall we......

I started my day with 30 minutes of yoga, my body is sore after my kickboxing lesson, its the most active and punishing workout I've done since hurting my back and all those muscles that have been lazy really got it yesterday! For breakfast I had 2 eggs scrambled with mushrooms in a wrap with a smear of hummus. This was a splendid breakfast and kept me full for ages!

I also had a small glass of LL milk.

I walked to work and had quite a stressful day. We have some newbies at work and training them is really tiring, there is so much to think about but having to do my own and the others blew my mind! So when lunch came round I was happy to get out in the fresh air

I went to the seafront to eat my lunch, it was quite cold and pretty windy but I was in the fresh air so I didn't mind. Lunch was a big bowl of raw and steamed veggies with chicken in a chili and tomato sauce. This was SO filling!

Just before leaving work I was faced with this! What would you have done?! I'll admit it I had a biscuit but I power walked home so I think its ok, right?!

When I got home I was peckish so I fed my hunger with a slice of toasted rye bread and tahini
then popped round to my dads.

In my dads pond there are loads of goldfish and they looked so pretty in the sun I thought I would share my new friends with you!

They're so friendly!

I love the colours

Wind in my hair hanging with the fish!

I spent some time chatting politics with my dad and his girlfriend. We have the countries election coming up and it will be the first time I have ever voted so I'm getting into discussing it. I never thought I'd see the day!

After over an hour of talking my tummy began to growl so I came home to feed it!

Homemade soup, raw yellow peppers, beets, basil tofu and hummus (of course!)

Absolutely fab dinner!

Then a while later I had a bowl of warm berries, apple. soya yogurt, cinnamon and hazelnuts.

In my new bowl : )

Mixed up into a tasty delight!

I was going to go to spin tonight but thought it best to rest, My back is sore not badly but just from a good workout so I didn't wanna push it. I'm going to go to the gym after work tomorrow
before going to a food frenzy party! I'm going to try and be good but my sister is making cakes and her cakes are truly the best! Looks like the diet plan will be starting properly from Monday. This is because I have a party tomorrow night and then its my papa's birthday on Sunday and I am making him dinner and a cake, a healthy cake but its still a cake!


What pets do you have?

I don't have any but I will have a dog when I have my own home

If you eat tofu, do you have a favorite, plain or flavored?

I love the basil tofu I get, so so good!


  1. beets, bowl, and the fish!! sooo pretty!
    and i feel thankful/lucky to have found your blog and friendship too :)

  2. You are so sweet thank you lovely lady x x

  3. Sorry you have to work this weekend- I hope its easy peasy :) Love coy ponds (as does Josh). Love the looks of your lunch bowl. I like to have some of my veggies steamed and some raw too. The raw add a nice crunch :) I have one dog named Frank and I love him ;) I sort of avoid tofu to be honest

  4. I love smoked tofu- tastes like heaven! Your soup looks delish, recipe?

  5. I didn't know that you worked in a phone shop.. I did that too :) (and hated it :().
    Your elections are going to be so much fun. I bet Gordon Brown will have no chance.
    Sorry to hear that you have to work the weekend.. that sucks.
    We don't have any pets but I want a dog and cat (when I grow up, lol).
    My current favourite tofu is the one with almonds and sesame seeds in it. So crunchy and yummy!