Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Carob Creation

Hello pretties! How's ya Wednesday? Mine is not to shabby especially as I have tomorrow off!
It seems we all have different ideas for the our favorite workouts but we all love exercise yay!

I started my day with an hour of yogalates, I decided to skip the gym as my butt is killing me from spin last light, I need to get re-adjusted to the hard bike seats! My back was a little sore too but after some good stretching its feeling ok, each day there's an improvement so I'm not complaining : ) After my workout I was ravenous so I made some carob berry oats!

Wow this was yummy I mixed in a dollop of almond butter for good measure.

I walked to work and had a pretty good morning selling lots which is always good!

For lunch I had quinoa and tuna salad with raw veggies

there was also some black olives in the mix, yum!

I ate one of these biscuits in the morning and one in the afternoon, love um!

We finished late at work and after my walk home I was ready for din din's

Homemade aubergine and sweet pot soup

with a slice of rye toast topped with spinach scramble

oh and a spoonful of hummus, addict yes, care no!

A brownie with some protein mouse, I made way to much mouse so stuck it in the freezer to chill, I may well go dig in a little bit later!

So I'm off tomorrow and I'm planning a trip to the cinema with my papa and sister to see the Alice in Wonderland 3D movie, I hope there is seats, I need a johnny fix!!!
I'm also hopefully having my kickboxing lesson and I so can't wait to get back into my pink boxing gloves!


Have you seen the Alice film in 3D?

I can't wait I love Tim Burton movies and Johnny oooooooo Johnny!

Any films you would like to recommend?

I saw 27 dresses and the notebook recently and loved them both


  1. I took your advice and ate some oat cakes- and to answer your question about feeling full after my corn thins- no, not today- some days they last me longer, but today was not one of those days!

  2. Fabulous that you have tomorrow off! Enjoy. I haven't seen Alice yet but totally want to. Quinoa salad looks very tasty- love it! Chocolatey flavored oats are such a treat.

  3. the invention of lying had me in tears! have a great thursday, love :)

  4. Mmm! Hummus!
    I saw Alice, but not 3D. It was pretty good, I love Tim Burton movies!

  5. between the carob creation and the lovely green/quinoa food...I would love to help you eat that all up!

    i have not been to a movie in a theatre or seen ANY movies in 4.5 yrs. Since i was pregnant. Totally outta the loop and then some :)

  6. I have not seen Alice in Wonderland yet but really want to see it, especially in 3D!
    The last really good movie I saw was Precious...great but really sad.

  7. That porridge looks so good!! I've never added carob to mine but it sounds like a fantastic combo.
    I really want to go and see Alice too as I love Tim and Johnny. 27 dresses and the Notebook are so cheesy but SO good - love them both ;). I've been on a Pride and Prejudice kick lately. The film with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen is amazing.
    Enjoy your day off!