Monday, 12 April 2010

Brownie Heaven

Hello everybody! I'm back from a food coma! I was like a locust storm yesterday, any food that crossed my path was hoovered up! I had a fab day though so I'm just moving on and leaving it in the past! I'm afraid we have another re-cap post, I was way to knackered yesterday to even turn my computer on so hope you don't mind sweet readers x x


If you read yesterdays post you will know I started my day with a fab breakfast wrap. it was the start of a food frenzy!

Next up was my favorite 9 bar

So nutty and delicious!

Then a packet of cheese and onion McCoys god they were good. I spent the morning getting over my hangover and catching up on my fav blogs

Before going to pick up my sister I threw together some brownies

Obviously I had to try one with some almond butter : )

I was a little shaky going to get my sister but I survived and we went to Bexhill to get a soft drink while looking out to sea

It was actually quite sunny not that this photo shows it! We chatted for about an hour then headed back to hers to watch a film and have dinner.

Jes still had some chocolate eggs left so I indulged in one yum!

Dinner was amazing!

Chili coated salmon.......

Potato salad + coleslaw

Green beans + asparagus in a little olive oil

Followed by brownie and ice cream!

I was in a food coma after this, so just dived into bed once I got in!

Onto today:

I started my day with 30 minutes of yogalates, I was so tired this morning but I got up and I'm glad I did I always feel better after some morning stretching

Breakfast was just so gooooooooooood! I made porridge with frozen berries, soya yogurt, chia seeds and.........

Almond butter!

All mixed up into a yogurt mess yum! I so didn't wanna work today I just wasn't feeling it but as I was finishing at 3.30pm I got on with it

11am snack was the last slice of carrot and walnut cake, I have been asked to post the recipe for this tasty little cake and I definitely will share it with soon : )

For lunch I had a hummus and black olive wrap with raw veggies and spinach

Followed by an apple

I also had 5 hazelnuts and saved 5 to gobble before the gym. I only had a short time to get a workout in so did what I could

30 minutes cross trainer - intervals
15 minutes of weights

I raced home after the gym to get washed before my osteopath appointment

I had a quick snack before heading out. Rye bread toasted with tahini, delish

made a tuna rice dish for dinner and had some steamed broccoli and hummus on the side

This was a yummy mix

Followed by brownie and soya yogurt, these are low sugar brownies so kind of a saintly indulgence, well that's what I'm sticking to!

I still pretty knackered to be honest need to catch up on my snoozing tonight for sure. I also have the sneaky suspicion another brownie maybe eaten...........


Whats your favorite pre/post workout snack?

I find apple and nuts the perfect combo to have before the gym and after well anything goes!

Whats your favorite chocolate?

Mine has to be dark, the darker the better, then again I'll pretty much eat anything chocolate!


  1. I'm a carby girl pre workout and a protein girl post-- and I'm a chocolate whore (classy, I know)- I prefer the quality milk or dark (milk over dark, but I eat dark more because it's 'good' for me)- but I will eat chocolate chips.

    PS- you have amazing nails!

  2. Girl! The brownies look super super tasty! Sounds like you had a fun time with the sis. Love restaurants that overlook water- so peaceful.

    Favorite pre workout snack- half apple with nut butter about an hour and a half before my workout- I can't eat too much or my tummy rebels!

    Not a big chocolate gal ;)

  3. Love all these eats! and susan's blog is one of my faves too :)

    As for choc, dark baby dark!

    Workout snacks...still trying to figure that out myself :)

  4. I prefer dark chocolate. I love white chocolate too, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

    I am going to a fitness expo thing in two weekends...I'm so excited!

  5. I like a homemade fuel bar or fudge baby with raisins dates and oats or half a nakd bar pre workout and something with protein afterwards. I'm definitely with you on the dark chocolate, I love it!

  6. Sundays (sometimes) have to be indulging or else I don't know who I am, hehe.
    Sounds like you had a fantastic Sunday though. I love the English seaside and I wish I would live in such a lovely town..
    In the morning I rarely have a pre-workout snack these days but if I workout in the evening I really like having a piece of fruit beforehand.
    I'm definitely more of a dark chocolate girl and I really can't stand white chocolate (which isn't "real" chocolate anyway"). Definitely agree with you here - the darker the better.