Tuesday, 27 April 2010

All Better

Hey sweetie pies, thank you for your sweet words. I am feeling much better today no sickness
and lots of positive thinking : )

Even when my bully of a boss was a complete d_ _ k! He didn't break me not today! Anyway let me tell you about my fabulous food intake.........

I woke up early and did 40 minutes of yogalates before breakfast, I'm definitely going to try to do this every morning as it really helps my back. For breakfast I had a jazz apple and some carob oats.

In the mix: 40g oats, 1/2 c. soya yogurt, 1tsp maca, 1tsp carob powder and tsp peanut butter.
all mixed up, this was filling and very tasty! Plus it kept me going till lunch, bonus!

I walked to work in the sun, I love the feeling that summer is coming!

Lunch started with some raw veggies

followed by a sesame and almond tofu hummus wrap with spinach and peppers : )

I was pretty happy when the end of my shift came, if only to get away from my moody boss. I popped round the shops for a bit then walked home the sun was blazing!

I drank a pint of water and decided a workout snack before spinning would be a fab idea! I dipped into my box of goodies and decided on this dark mocha and almond bar

I quite liked it but again it was a little to sweet for me, it did the job though and gave me the energy I needed for my spin class. 45 minutes of spinning and I was ready to come home and eat!

Oh sardine mess how I have missed you! I used to eat sardines all the time and today I remembered why because they are the bomb! I made this by using spray oil and cooking some red onion, mushrooms, garlic and baby plum toms. I then added a tin of sardines in tomato sauce, a tsp of tom puree and a tsp of vegan red pesto. I mixed in some steamed butter nut squash then topped with feta cheese and had a side of steamed greens

Man every bite was pure pleasure, don't be surprised of you see this mess more often : )

afters was a banana sliced and topped with cinnamon soya yogurt (literally just soya yogurt mixed with cinnamon) and flaked almonds

A clean healthy pud if I do say so myself!

I really do feel so much better today, I am sorry for my low mood over the past few days but I guess everyone gets the blues right?! I spent last night going over things in my head which helped me put things into perspective and move on.


Do you have a favorite type of apple?

Mine always used to be a crunchy braeburn but lately the jazz apple has been a total winner!

Whats your favorite breakfast?

I used to have the same breakfast pretty much everyday but since having this blog I try to mix things up but can always do with some inspiration : )


  1. I hate moody bosses! They're the worst. Seriously.. how do people like these get into "leading" positions? Grr!

    I definitely have to recreate this pud - it looks so good!

    You don't have to apologize for feeling a bit under the weather. It happens to all of us. And to be honest, it would be weird if we would sing and dance of joy all the time ;).

  2. so glad to hear you're feeling better and yes, the kashi bars tend to be pretty sweet..but i dont mind :)

    glad you are feeling better girl!
    my fav apple- a juicy fuji!

  4. I'm braeburn girl too! Or a sunrise but those are hard to find unless you goto the orchard or the farmers markets (for the really good ones!). Can you find unsweetened soy yogurt? I'd be into trying some of it if I could find it, or knew a brand to look for!

    My fave breakfast is eggs with spinach on the weekends, but during the week I stick to oats and nanner