Monday, 22 March 2010

Vitality Show Goodies

Hey Bloggies how's the first day of the week treating ya? Its treating me pretty well, its probably due to having my forth day off but I'm not complaining! I woke up still feeling a little fragile but I got ready for my driving lesson and had a yummy bowl of oats to give me some much needed energy!

I had porridge with yogurt, linseeds, maca, blueberries and almond butter. This was the perfect fuel for the gym after my drive.

My workout - 30 minutes cross trainer L8 fast/ L12 slow set on random
arm weights + lunges + squats
15 minutes stepper set on random L8
plank + side plank 1 minute each

I popped into town after my workout so by the time I got home I was ravenous!
I had a piece of linseed and carob rice bread that I bought at the show yesterday which needed to be eaten so I warmed it up

and topped it with almond butter this was really tasty but definitely needed some sort of spread.
The bread has no sugar or preservatives so is super good for ya but to my sweet tooth was needing something extra! The company is called Artisan Bread and all there products are yummy!

So onto my goodies, look at all the fantastic yummy products I got!!!!!!!

My favorite 9 bars, exercise books, ground linseed mix, yogi teas, benefit make up,

seeds, chocolate, raw bars, shower gels

dried fruit, granola, oat biscuits, muesli

I love these raw cakes for an energy boost they're perfect

These Munchy Seed packs are perfect for salads or porridge topping as well as being the perfect size for ya handbag! I got chili mix, vanilla pumpkin seeds and dry roasted omega seeds
I got this carton of coconut milk for £1! I couldn't resist Kara milk is so creamy!

So as you can see I got loads of stuff I bought a couple of bits but most of it was given to me so cool! I seem to have far to much stuff just for me so you know what that means guys a GIVEAWAY! Yep I will be gathering some of the tasty treats and giving them away to one of you lucky people! So check back tomorrow for the info : )

For lunch I had curried cauliflower soup with mushrooms and oat cakes with lemon and coriander hummus. I also put some extra peas and soya beans in the soup for some extra veggies

I decided a raw treat was needed for my afternoon to be complete so I went for a coffee and almond raw chocolate brownie, this didn't disappoint I can't wait to try the other flavors!

Pulsin energy discs are a total winner!

I spent the afternoon of my last day off chillaxing with the final episodes of Tru Blood I can't believe I have no more to watch, I'm addicted!

For dinner I steamed some salmon with ginger and garlic served it with steamed veggies
in a tomato and basil sauce with a dollop of hummus

The salmon was delish!

I experimented with pudding but it was not to good. Since drinking the low lacto milk I've been able to eat some more thing containing dairy so thought I'd give cottage cheese a go hmmmmm no this was not kind to my tum it tasted lovely though! I wont be having it again anytime soon though....... oats, milk, jazz apple, cottage cheese, cinnamon and tahini

Well I'm pooped so I shall retire don't forget to check back for my giveaway! Your gonna love it!


Do you eat raw foods? Do you make or buy them?

I eat quite a lot of raw foods no way as much as the lovely Averie though and I bet her raw treats are far better than these bars! By the way if you haven't checked out her blog the recipes are amazing so off you go!

Do you have any plans for your week?

Mine is just filled with work and driving!


  1. oh my word, what a haul! What I woudldnt give to have my office top drawer looking like that!

  2. Oh my god- that swag look insane! Jealous!

    And how good does that bread look? What are you taking driving lessons for? Regular license or specialty?

  3. WOW WHAT A SWAG!! i am soo jelous! that looks AWESOME girl!

  4. So many goodies! I need to go to that show next year ;).
    I love raw food because they're so creative. Averies goodies are the best.

  5. JEZESSSSSSus Christ that is alot of swag! Dear lord I pray I can come over and help you eat it :) Darn, you're halfway across the globe but choc coffee raw brownie OMG divine i bet!

    the maca, blueberries and almond butter. wow. perfect combo. Love BB's but not in season here and they are too $$ for me :(

    Thanks for the shoutout, you're too sweet :)


  6. I'm v. jealous of all that stuff it looks fab!

  7. That's a great idea adding extra Peas & Beans to your soup - I must try this soon!

  8. Wow, what a great haul of goodies.