Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tooth Ache Agony!

Hey peeps, sorry for my absents last night but my tooth was so INSANELY painful I couldn't do anything! I even took the day off work so I could roll around in pain! Thankfully I have a dental appointment in 1hr. I'll do a quick recap of yesterday and then post again tonight yep its a two post kinda day!

I started my day with a new breakfast! I'm loving this new eating plan its about time I got some variety. I had 1 slice of hemp seed rye bread toasted with almond butter..........

...........and pear crunch.

1 chopped pear, soya yogurt, ground seeds/nuts and flaked almonds

I really enjoyed the change of flavors especially the rye bread!

a small punnet of blueberries = morning snack : )

I went out to get some crazy painkillers which did hold some of the pain at bay. Enough to get my bake on, I bake a small linseed corn bread which turned out rather tasty.

Soup, beets and 2 slices of linseed bread

the loaf was still warm and yummy

The pain was still holding up so I decided to get outside, especially as the sun was shining.
I went to the park and actually did my first RUN since December! Yep I went running -

5 minutes walk to warm up - 30 minutes run - 5 minutes walk to cool down
I also did 40 minutes of yoga when I got back

Unfortunately my tooth was getting worse by the minute!

Dinner - homemade burgers, broccoli and sweet pot n carrot mash

Yummy burgers another new food!

I had a slice of the carrot and walnut cake I made yesterday topped with yogurt for pud


Do you try and alternate breakfasts or do you have the same thing everyday?

Until now I was eating pretty much the same thing everyday but I'm so gonna stick to this I love the variety!

Favorite bread?

I still can't eat proper bread because it seems it isn't the gluten but the yeast I have a problem with so rye is ok plus I really like the taste which is a bonus!


  1. That Pear crunch looks delicious! I think I might try adding sliced pear to my porridge one morning. I generally find something and stick with it but lately I've been alternating between Porridge and Grainy Bread with Organic Jam purely based on how much time I have in the morning.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope your tooth gets taken care of! That pain does not sound like fun!! Great breakfast! Yum yum- pears are delicious. I usually go through phases with breakfasts, I will do something for a while than totally switch up. I'm trying to be more creative lately. That rye bread looks fantastic. I love rye but my favorite kind of bread is probably sunflower seed

  3. I switch up my breakfast most days!! Unless I am hooked on something!! (which has been lately!!) hehe..

  4. Oh no! I hope your toothache got fixed.
    Great to hear that you got a run in though!
    I really like mixing up breakfasts becaues I get bored easily but my favourite is definitely porridge and it's the one that I have most of the time.

  5. I love a good rye bread- fresh or toasted!

    Sorry to hear your tooth is acting up- good for you to get out and do two workouts though- that's amazing!

  6. sorry about the tooth ache! hope you get that fixed up. i love your random words that i have never heard, like "punnet"!

  7. I have the same breakfast every day! I hope your tooth is feeling better soon.

  8. love blueberries but they are still really $$ here right now. So have to wait a nother month or so for those.

    as for posting pics and neg comments totally agree w/ you that ppl who post neg comments on another's blog must truly be bored and lame :)


  9. Oh no! Tooth problems hurt so much! I hope the dentist fixes it.