Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Throw It In and Hope For The Best

Hey hey hey how's it going?! I'm good, had the day off so it was always going to be a good day!
It seems there are some mixed reviews on maca, I love it but each to their own! I recommend all to give it a go and make your mind up for yourself.

Anyways lets get to the foods that past my lips today, I started my day with a creamy bowl of porridge I added a slice apple today and it was delish, I also had a boiled egg : )
I spent my morning washing, drying and straightening the locks then speed walked to the gym to get a quick 1/2 hr on the cross trainer before my dental appointment. The words root canal are not my friend right now, but whatever I need to stop the pain will have to be done! I walked home after the dentist and suddenly felt ravenous!

It was nearly lunch time so I just had a slice of GF toast with marmite and hummus, great combo!

I had a favorite for lunch, homemade soup, beets and rice cakes with soya spread and marmite.
I also had a protein bar but you guys know what those bad boys look like! After lunch I went out for my driving lesson we got out on the open road, I need to get used to speed but to tell you the truth it's bloody scary! I popped in to see my papa after and we bought my month insurance for my new car which means Saturday I get to take it for a spin! Crazy!

I had a little snack when I returned home rice cake marmite (its been a marmite kinda day!) and homemade almond and linseed butter. Yummy this was tasty I made this today I think I prefer plain almond butter but I'm not complaining this is nice

I felt like experimenting for dinner and while I chopped my veg I had a starter of broccoli stalk with a little seasoning on. I cut the sides off the broccoli stalk and eat the inside so good you must try the is snack its so refreshing!

My experiment was this lentil omelet, it turned out fabulously especially with a dollop of hummus and ketchup (not pictured!)

Lentil Omelet

1 egg + 1 egg white
1/3 c. red split lentils
1 crushed garlic clove
then I throw in some mixed herbs + turmeric

I will definitely be making this again it was so tasty

Whats this a new protein bar recipe?! Yep it is indeed:

Cherry Chocolate Protein Bars

1 c buckwheat groats (cooked and drained)
2 scoops vanilla hemp protein powder
2 scoops chocolate soya protein powder
1/2 cup cherry no added sugar jam
2tbsp almond + linseed butter
1/3 c raisins
2 tsp cocoa
1 tbsp maca chips
1/3 c coconut
2 tbsp ground hemp seeds
a little LL milk to bind

This made a HUGE amount of batter I literally throw everything in without measuring so I guessed the amounts for this post but I guess just go with what you feel is best. They turned
out great so good and the texture from the buckwheat groats is so good, I actually didn't realize how much 1 cup would be it makes loads so this could be lowered, but all in all a fab batch, and just what I needed for pud another one may have passed my lips ummmm..........

I'm now chillaxing in my bed, its really windy and cold outside, I have my electric blanket warming me and American Idol on the TV, good night : )


Do you drive? What did you find scary when you were learning or did you just love it?

I actually never wanted to drive but if I want my dream job this is a stepping stone that needs to be conquered so I gotta get to it!

Do you have a favorite grain?

I love quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice and oats!


  1. ok thanks for the backlink on the bars..really the only true difference that i could find is that you use soy protein and i have a feeling that makes it denser in some way than brown rice which is what i use. also your buckwheat flakes...which i have never used those. so maybe that, but i use oats and those are pretty dense.

    and this new batch w/ the buckwheat groats...i have never used those either. i am the last raw foodie to not use groats i think.

    Big batch is fine...less work later really. I love batch cooking when it's applicable b/c in the long run time saver!

  2. I've been driving for *counts fingers* almost 7 years. AHH! And only 3 tickets under my belt :P I got my driver's permit the day of my 16th birthday and my license exactly 6 months later. And I've been cruising ever since :)

    My favorite grain is oats, of course! I also love quinoa and brown rice, for sure.

  3. When I learned to drive I was 16, so I loved it. I thought it was so cool. Now, I hate driving. I think learning at an older age would be more difficult. I tend to be much more cautious these days. I'd probably be too scared to try!

  4. Your eats look so good, especially that omelette! I've never thought of adding lentils to eggs.. What a great idea!
    Your protein bar looks great too. Cherry & chocolate must be such a great combo!
    Over here we only have the first lesson in a driving park and then it's off to the streets! It was a bit scary but ok after a while.. I hardly drive nowadays though (because I live in the city).
    My favourite grains are your favourite grains. ;)

  5. Those protein bars sound good! I love cherries, will be trying out some cherry jam some time me thinks!