Monday, 15 March 2010

Thank You Dongle

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes its me and I'm at home, unfortunately not on wireless the box still hasn't been delivered! (Maggie is gonna go crazy when she gets back!) I have borrowed my friends dongle so
until the internet is back up and running I will have this to use at least and I can feed my blogging addiction, you know what I'm saying!?

I started my day with a boiled egg to give me some workout fuel then I set off to the gym

20 minutes cross trainer
30 minutes arm weight session

I had 10 minutes to enjoy the sun before I had to be at work so I ate an apple and soaked up some spring rays. When I got to work the rota had been changed so I was an hour early! I decided to go see my sister as she lives in town : )

Plus I got to eat my breakfast cookie on a plate bonus!

I topped my protein cookie with soya yogurt mixed with cinnamon and maca it was delish!

Work was pretty quiet but the customers kept coming at I didn't get lunch till 2.30pm
I filled my hungry tum with soya mince in a tomato and chili sauce and steamed veg

I forgot to take a protein bar today so I treated myself to an organic vegan chocolate and cherry flapjack from the health food shop it was yummy.

After work I had a driving lesson which went pretty well I think the drive with my dad in my car gave me some extra confidence

I made some soup when I got home and while it was cooking I snacked on a rice cake with almond and linseed butter and marmite

Aubergine and Butternut Squash soup with chicken and hummus lettuce wraps

Organic steamed chicken really is tasty : )

I had the urge for a cold pudding so I made some protein ice cream chocolate and almond

Topped with hazelnuts and raisins perfect and satisfying


Rewind to Sunday night:

I ate the rest of my thai curry with homemade chips

This was so good those chips were super tasty

Ground rice pudding whoop whoop! Vanilla and Apple ground rice pudding to be precise

Topped with yogurt and cinnamon. It seems the vote is in and a ground rice giveaway is on the horizon! So I sort something out soon for ya

I feel really tired so I'm going to catch up on some of your fab blogs and watch Glee ; )


Do you recreate any kind of takeaway at home instead of ordering in?

The only takeaway I get is the odd bag of chips sometime I just get the urge!
I also make my own curry but other takeaways just don't float my boat

Do you have any holiday plans?

I'm hoping to book some flights to Ireland to go and see my mama and little sister
I'm also going to a musical festival in June called Glastonbury have you heard of it?


  1. um. wtf is a dongle????

    good lookin cookie!

  2. Internet in a stick! he he he x

  3. I'm reading fab blogs and watching Glee as we speak!!

  4. I'm reading fab blogs and watching Glee as we speak!!

  5. I rarely get takeaway (we call it takeout in the U.S. :P), but if I do then it's generally pizza! And I do LOVE making homemade pizza with fun, healthy toppings....and a whole wheat crust! Yum.

  6. awesome eats, love the brekkie cookie and the vegan choc.

    and THANK YOU for taking off word verif!!!!

  7. Your food always looks too good to be true! I would love to take a bath in that pudding ;).
    I rarely order in because I'd rather go out and have dinner at a restaurant (or simply cook at home).
    I can't believe you're going to Glastonbury! The best bands ever are always playing there... Lucky you! :)
    I have plans to go on 2 short trips - Italy over easter and London in May. Plus I'll go to California in August. Can't wait! I love travelling :).