Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Switching Things Up

Hey guys I would love to say I am pain free but I would lying so I shall just leave it at that!
I would also like to say thank you for your well wishes it means a lot

I asked on my last post if you guys like to change or eat the same breakfast each day. You all pretty much agree that Switching Things Up each day is best unless you are having a new food craving! I totally agree, this week because of my new eating plan I have had a different breakfast everyday and I'm loving it!

1 slice of toasted rye bread topped with mushrooms cooked with onions and fluffy scrambled eggs = a fabulous start to the day

I went to the dentist at 12pm and they re-dressed the bad tooth and I'm booked in for next Wednesday for a 2hr treatment : ( harsh but I don't care I just want the pain to stop!

Once the numbness started to leave my face and tongue I got stuck into lunch

I threw together a simple but very satisfying lunch, tuna and cannellini bean salad

in the mix -

1 can tuna
1 small can cannellini beans
1 orange bell pepper
3 spring onions
1 c. peas
2 tsp mayo
3 tsp soya yogurt
freshly ground pepper

All thrown into a bowl and stirred together. I made a double portion so I could have some tomorrow. I took half the mixture and put it on a bed of rocket

I also had a slice of my linseed corn bread with a smear of soya spread

about an hour later I felt the need for something, I had some soya yogurt with a spoonful of Debs Hazelnut butter

Man that nut butter is soooooooooo good I'm so lucky to have my samples!

The rain was pouring and I still feel weird after the dentist so I went for another workout at home -

20 minutes - 30 Day Shred
40 minutes - yogalates

After getting showered I was ready to get me some dinner!

I had a HUGE bowl of soya mince + quinoa in a roasted vegetable sauce, steamed broccoli + green beans and a dollop of spicy red pepper hummus

Such a good dinner!

followed by my homemade carrot and walnut cake topped with soya yogurt and Debs brazil nut butter can't get enough of this stuff!

Well its the last day of March can you believe it!? Time to go over my march goals I guess.
So I called it my Makeover March lets see how I did -

1. No chocolates sweets or candy - FAIL! well I gave my self a day of each week but it sometimes appeared on other days so I'm rolling this one over to April!
2. Only eat natural sugars - hmmmmm well I ate sweets so I guess this is a FAIL!
3. At least 3/4 exercise sessions depending on back - Yay I totally did this one I actually have done 4/5 workouts each week
4. No after dinner snacking I have definitely cut down but this still needs work
5. Less fat - hmmmmmm I guess I am eating a little less but again this needs work!

Over all not so good ay!? Well its the start of a new month tomorrow so I guess I'll be starting all over again with some of these but thats ok I know where I need to put more effort in now!


Did you have any March goals? How did you do?

I totally need to work on mine but as I said there is a new month ahead.........

Whats your views on hypnosis?

I do believe in it and I also believe it can help with certain things. have you ever been hypnotized?

P.S Last chance for my giveaway today I will be choosing the winners tomorrow and announcing Friday! Good Luck!


  1. MMM that tuna salad mixture looks fabulous! are those green peas in there as well? it looks really good. i haven't had tuna in ages. i didn't make any march goals so i guess i didn't break any, either! ha.

  2. oooooo yeah forgot to mention the peas I'll add those in now! Thanks x

  3. Your meals look fantastic though I'm very sorry to hear that your tooth is still bothering you. :(
    My March goal was a complete fail though I'll try it again in April.
    Hypnosis is interesting and I absolutely believe in it too though I've never experienced it myself..

  4. goals, i dont set them like that, rather just sorta have a few things in my brain, or a few hundred :) i am working on so i never really write them down but am aware, if that makes any sense :)

  5. I have no idea about hypnosis but I definitely think it's worth a try.