Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday Check In

Well I made it through my day, whoever thought working on a Sunday was good idea was wrong!
The only good thing about working is the hours are shorter, we only open 10-4
which isn't to long but I still think no one should have to work Sundays!

I started my day with an uber bowl of quinoa porridge there was so many thing in this I can't remember them all, I do know it was super tasty and filling. I walked to work in the glorious sunshine which was very deceiving, it was absolutely freezing today. Even at work there was a freezing cold wind whipping round the shop all day : (

I had a coffee when I got to work and also the last of my banana bread with a smear of almond butter, no pic sorry!

I was very happy when my break came round because it meant I could sit out the back away from the cold! Plus my lunch was delish so that was another bonus! Salmon and hummus lettuce rolls with a side of raw veggies, yum!

I steamed a salmon fillet when I got up and these really tasted good

Protein bar of course! Lunch was real filling and definitely gave me workout power! After work I popped to the gym for a light workout.

15 minutes stepper: 5 min - L7, 5 min L8, 5min L9
20 minutes cross trainer set on random every 2 minutes going up a level to L10
lots of lunges, free weights and squats
10 minutes cross trainer to cool down

My workout turned out pretty good! I walked home and thought about dinner the whole way!

Soup, rice cakes with almond butter and marmite, beets

Pud was good, protein ground rice with flame raisins, topped with yogurt, coconut and cinnamon, come you know you wanna get ya teeth round this!?

So today as we all know is Sunday which means its my check in for Makeover March

1. No sweets, chocolate, candy - done! I have not eaten any!

2. Only natural sugars and less of them - done! kinda! I have only eaten natural sugars but I don't think I have eaten less so I need to work on this one a bit

3. At least 3/4 exercise sessions (back depending) - done! I have done 5 workouts this week so I have done one more than I set myself, pretty good huh?!

4. No after dinner snacking - hmmmm fail! Well I haven't eaten every night but I have had a few snackys so this needs work

5. Less fats - done - kinda! I have eaten less I think over all not counting today! I'm going to try and work on this a little more too

I think I'm doing ok its a week in so I have 3 more to get it perfect right?!


If you have monthly goals how are they going?

I'm happy with my progress and see where I need to get a bit more strict!

Do you always have pudding, or can you take it or leave it?

I always have pudding, I think I'm addicted!

I feel the need to kick back with a hot water and chillax so farewell my friends x x


  1. DId you say marmite? Yum. My husband is from New Zealand so marmite and veggie mite are a staple in our house. I had to work today too. Just doesn't seem right. You salmon lettuce wrap is definitely a winner! Glad i found your blog.

  2. I eat soooo many fats but I love 'em. :) (nuts, avocados, etc)....and chocolate? I would never want to give that up! Hahah. But of course there is moderation. :) Late-night snacking is sometimes a problem for me...oh what a ramble I am on!
    As for pudding? As long as it's vegan, bring on the pudding!
    no monthly goals, just always trying to look at the world in a more positive light :)

  3. girl am i just dumb or have u posted up about those protein bars? they look aweesome!

  4. By "pudding" do you mean dessert? If so, I usually have it! Maybe one night a week I don't.

    I can't believe you haven't had any sweets! What willpower. :-)

  5. Oops.. Your post reminded me of my march challenge and I completely failed the first week! Sigh.
    Work on weekends should be forbidden! ;)

  6. brrrrrrr I hate when work is cold! That lunch looks just amazing! I always prefer packing my own to going out. Looks like you're doing fabulous with your goals. My goals this month/week are to focus in (still) on my protein in take and proper refueling after the gym!

  7. YUM to the protein bar! did you make them yourself? they look good!

  8. I did indeed make them Janetha, I'll be re posting the recipe as there has been a lot of interest x