Friday, 5 March 2010


So its the end of the first week of March!? Kinda crazy huh? Are you looking forward to your weekend, do you have any plans or are you working like me? Yep I'm working Saturday and Sunday, boo hoo roll on Monday, my day off!

I started my day with a boiled egg and a fab smoothie, it was truly smoothielicious! I have been asked by a coulpe of you what goes into my smoothies so for those of you that asked here goes:

1/2 c. low lacto milk, 4 ice cubes, 1 scoop of chocolate soya protein powder, 2 dsp soya bran,
tsp maca, guar + xanthan gums, tsp cocoa powder, and today a few drops of natural orange flavor, topped with walnuts and raisins

I don't measure the gums, I guess I use about a 1/2 tsp of guar and 1/4 of xanthan but its all down to experimenting I'm afraid

This smoothie was super tasty today I think a repeat for tomorrow is on the cards!

After breakfast I left early for my driving lesson before work, then had a busy morning with some pretty unsavory customers.......

Around 12.30 I grabbed the banana bread with a smear of almond butter I packed for a quick snack, see it looks wrong but it tastes real good : ) plus its a fab snack, totally got me through till my lunch

Wow how healthy does my lunch look!? Well it was uber healthy and uber tasty!
I made some lettuce rolls filled with hummus and tofu and a side of raw veggies

So yummy, my work colleagues thought I was crazy but who cares my lunch tasted amazing and that's what counts right?

I also had a protein bar, it looks frosty because I keep in in the freezer. I them cold its keeps them chewy, yum

After work I went to the gym again! That's all ready 4 workouts this week, feels so good. My back is a little sore buts its getting better. I did a light workout:

20 minutes on cross trainer doing intervals, 1 minute rest, 2 minutes fast
lunges with bicep curls 8 reps each side
squats to shoulder raises 8 reps
8 bicep curls, 8 hammer curls, 8 arm raises, 8 tricep raises
I did these twice through then finished with a set of 48 lunges
15 minutes power walking on treadmill
stomach crunches 24 sit ups 24 side crunches each side

I then walked home and was ready for dinner!

I treated myself to a GF cashew and chickpea nut roast from my local health food shop and had
beets, broccoli and spinach on the side

This nut roast never disappoints, its so good. I'll admit to you that I had some tomato ketchup it was needed!

Oh ground rice how I love you so! It really does make the best pudding.
Ground rice with carob, raisins topped with yogurt and homemade hazelnut stuff!

I gotta say goodnight I'm knacked!


Any new foods you have eaten lately you'd like to recommend?

I'm loving the tofu with basil combo

Do you get weekends off or are ya working?

I get every other Sunday but never Saturday unless its booked holiday!


  1. even if you think it was nanna bread gone wrong it looks amazing to me! i have a vegan GF nana bread that's really easy and pretty much you cant mess it up

    and the protein bar, the broccoli, the tinkerbell bandaid, the beets, the smoothie...OMG the eats in the past few days are great in your world!!! xoxo

  2. your veggie rolls look delightful! I would like to eat some right about now!

  3. Your banana bread with almond butter looks divine! I love, love, love banana bread. It's my favorite. Especially with some sort of nut butter on top. Yum! :D

    I get the weekend off, but I used to work every Saturday, so I can totally relate to what that's like!! :( Hope your "weekend" comes up fast for ya!