Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Right I'm keeping this short and sweet apparently I need to relax more on this in a bit.........

I started the day with an egg
(that's my dongle for those of you who wondered what the hell I was on about!)

As well as a bowl of carob porridge with yogurt and almond/linseed butter

I had a driving lesson first thing and it was probably my best so far : )

Chocolate eggs that may or may not have passed my lips?!

Lunch - raw veggies, chicken, lettuce and hummus sarni

I toast the bread and it makes it extra tasty

Protein bar

Soup, rice cakes with Marmite, raw veggies + hummus

Its official I'm addicted to hummus!

Ground rice pudding addiction in the pip line!

So the reason I called this post relax is because I have been told to RELAX by my chinese doc and the osteopath its the only way my back will truly get better. Easier said then done me thinks.
I have always been a worrier and as much as I try not to I can't help but worry. I don't really have anything to worry about but I do........... So I am asking for your help dear bloggie friends

How can I RELAX!?

Any advice would be truly appreciated I'm reading a book on meditation which I'm going to give a try and hope it helps. Think positive easier said then done!

How do you keep positive?

I try to think of happy times and feelings but again easier said then done


  1. lovely post! the meals/snacks all look fantastic. especially the easter eggs ;) i had a handful of hershey's cookies 'n creme easter eggs - DIVINE!

    about relaxaing, i'd recommend gentle yoga or meditation. i started this mindfulness and stress relieving course at my college and it's amazing how much it helps. we have 'homework' with meditation CDs and then perform yoga and stres relieving exercises once a week in class and i love it.

  2. mmm I agree- toasted bread really makes a sammy better. Hummus is so good! Glad you're an addict as well. In terms of relaxing, take 10 - 15 minutes before bed to do something for you- a bath, a warm shower, read a book. It truly helps keep you more relaxed the next day if you're calm before bed!!

  3. exercise really helps me relax. also, making an effort to accomplish what it is that I'm worried about helps too!

  4. hahaha. so, dongle=egg? can i start saying that? i would tell you to smoke some ganja but i dont think that is the best way to relax. it is just what people tell me to do when i am stressed.. hah! XOXO love you! hope you relax and also an addiction to hummus is not a bad thing!

  5. Check out some progressive relaxation tips online. I was introduced to it in a high school psych class and it has been something I turn to regularly. I take tiny situations and turn them into huge and stressful situations unnecessarily. It’s just my nature! :/
    Is there anything on your agenda you can knock off to relieve stress that way?
    What are you worrying about? Sorry if these are things you don't want to mention or you've already talked about in previous posts, I’m new to blogging!
    I hope you are able to relax and feel better very soon.

    I know my stress level is higher when I have caffeine...which means less sleep...which means more stress...which leads me to have more caf...it is a never ending cycle.

  6. mmm that toasted chicken/veggie/hummus sammie looks amazzzzzzzzzzzzing...

    I think you should have some nice long warm relaxing bubble baths or hot showers at night before bed...go for some slow walks...don't push yourself in any way! If it's gonna help..might as well try to just be still :) Try some light yoga perhaps?

    I sent your package on the weekend! I'm thinking it will take 2 weeks to get there...but I'm not sure..I chose standard shipping..as priority would have been over 100 dollars lol :P

    I hope it gets there in one peice!!!


  7. meditation, yoga, breathing, letting go and realizing worry and anxiousness is not going to do you any favors and in fact, will end up hindering you in many ways..trust me, easier said than done, but i wish you peace and calm vibes!

  8. Your eats look stellar as usual.
    Hmm.. relaxing. I am constantly running around and therefore really need yoga which extremely helps me. Challenging yoga is the best for relaxation. I wish I were more dedicated to / better at meditation but it's so difficult! However, I believe that it's really beneficial so I should take more time for meditation too..
    I'm usually a very positive person and kind of gave up worrying about everything. It sounds weird but I think that it's kind of a waste of time since you never know what's going to happen anyway. Que sera, sera. :)

  9. I feel like everyone has something that works for them, and a lot of relaxation comes with doing things that you know you enjoy. Baking? Taking a bubble bath with candles? Journaling? Sipping a coffee and meandering through some fun magazines? Painting your nails? Going for a long walk? Scrapbooking?

    So many ideas...I think we all need some "me time" throughout the day. :D