Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Photo Overload!

Yay! My photos have uploaded! That's lots of photos too, hope your ready for my uber photo post! It seems you can understand my sadness when the mac doesn't want to play ball.

So lets start with today shall we, and what a fab day I have had. I woke up early and discovered
an email from this lovely lady telling me I had won this fabulous giveaway! I can't believe it,
this is my first giveaway winning and what a great first it is! I made an egg to give me gym
energy then walked to the gym to get a workout in before work

20 minutes cross trainer
sets of squats, lunges and free weights
10 minutes stepper

I arrived at work to find my maca parcel had arrived! Yay I love the malty taste of maca

I bought some more powder and also decided to try these maca chips I'll let ya know how they go

I was pretty hungry after my workout so I popped to marks and sparks to get a fruit tray including grapes, mango and pineapple slices to accompany my first.........

Breakfast Cookie! I based my recipe on this one but changed it round a little. Yummy thus was so good I will definitely making this again, its perfect for breakfast on the go. Work ticked over during the morning and got busy over lunch, I hate it when that happens!

When I finally got lunch it was worth the wait. GF toasted hummus sarni with raw veggies

Followed by a protein bar. This is such a good lunch, fills me up till dinner.
I got a lift home after work as I had so much stuff to carry, I bought loads today, veggies, milk
my maca......

I made some soup when I got in and before whizzing it up I decided to have some with my beef mince in tomato and chili sauce it was a great dinner indeed

swede cabbage and celery curried yum

Pud - choco protein ground rice topped with milk and a spoon of almond butter, goooooooood!


I'm just going to run through the eats

Started the day with a boil egg, loving my egg cup, its mine from when I was tiny

Chocolate protein smoothie

Topped with coconut and pumpkin seeds

Strawberry + apple smoothie

Stir fried veggies with organic chicken breast, hummus, toast and almond butter

and of course a protein bar!

Soya yogurt with chocolate hazelnut crumble

mashed swede with veggies in tom and garlic sauce and more hummus!

Milky pud topped with pear puree and chia seeds

Good eats don't ya think?!

10 minutes and the vampire diaries is on so gotta get snuggled in bed for it me thinks.
I have the day off tomorrow and have a driving test plus need to right up the last of my 6th assignment. My dad has also offered to give me his free weights so we're digging them out of storage : )


Do you use maca?

I do and I love it! I'm also hoping it will help with my crazy hormones!

Favorite sandwich filling?

I hardly ever eat them but lately I've been getting down with hummus and its a winner!


  1. Oh my! I just wrote about my aversion to maca powder. It's health benefits are really intruiging, so I want to like it, but UGH. It tastes so gross to me!

  2. maca yes, use. have posted on it tons lately as you've prob seen :) and i love your stash and congrats on the win!
    and also the bunny/egg holder..too cute.
    the protein bars are so dense and thick..i wrote that before but really they are just too awesome looking.
    pear puree OMG divine.
    brekkie cookie, great work!

    a huge awesome eats post!

  3. Hey girl! Whats up! Congrats on the winnnn- yayyyy. So many good eats. Love the looks of the fruit and I've never tried swede cabbage- I want some! I just purchased some maca- I've been taking some in each night :) Favorite sammy filling=tomato and moz!

  4. I've never tried maca. Heck, I'm not even sure exactly what it is! *googles maca* :P

    My favorite sandwich filling is peanut butter and banana...preferably grilled! The ultimate comfort food, in my opinion!

  5. I haven't tried maca yet but I'm dying to give it ago as its talked about on so many blogs I'd like to know what all the fuss is about. I just need to find somewhere near me, or online that sells it!

  6. Your eats look great! I've never tried maca because I can't find it around here.
    I also love my sandwiches with hummus. Lettuce and all kinds of veggies are great too :).

  7. I haven't tried maca yet! I'm trying not to spend money on those things unless I really need too. I still have a bag of chia seeds I bought last year that never got used :P

    Favourite sandwich filling at the moment is protein powder goo!! I need to think of a better name for that though....

    LOVE the breakfast cookie. It's been way too long since I had one of those. And your protein bar looks awesome!