Friday, 19 March 2010

Nut Butter Heaven + Protein Cake

Hello!!!!!!! What a great day to start my 4 off, everything just seem to go my way it was fab!
I woke up today and just felt so happy even the fog didn't get me down. I had the best breaky too.
Blueberry oats with soya yogurt and tahini. I also put some crystallized ginger in for an extra zing, so good!

I dyed my hair while breakfast settled (the roots were getting out of control!) Then before going to the dentist I managed to get 45 minutes of yoga in, this really helped my back so I shall be
making sure to fit more sessions into my week.

I made up a quick chocolate protein shake before leaving to go to
the dentist, I left with the side of my face completely numb not good!
I couldn't eat for at least 2hrs so decided to go to the gym as I was quite close

30 minutes cross trainer slow L8/fast L12 intervals
20 minutes bike
set of lunges

I left after this as I was starting to dribble with my numb face! Never a good look! ha ha

On my way home I picked these yummy!

When my face started to feel alive again I fixed myself a tasty lunch. Toasted lemon and coriander hummus lettuce and a side of grated carrot and slice turnip drizzled with balsamic

The coriander and lemon hummus is a hit!

I've been seeing these protein cakes around the blog world for some time and decided it was my turn to try these bad boys out

It turned out perfectly soft spongy and delicious

In the mix:

1 large egg white
1 scoop rice protein
1tsp cocoa
2 Tbsp apple sauce (no added sugar)
1tsp baking powder
1 squirt agave
3 drops of natural orange flavor

3 minutes on high = the best little cake ever!

Topped with with yogurt wow I loved this, I will definitely be making this again!

As you can see not a scrap left : )

I went out for a drive with my dad in the afternoon it started getting really wet and foggy not good, we had a good drive though and the practice is what I need

I made some almond butter today so thought it only right to have a little snack when I got in.
Rice cake, almond butter, marmite = the best snack ever!

Talking of nut butters look what I won!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked thank you so much Debs your a star, bring on the nut butter heaven!!!!!!

I also made some curried cauliflower soup today which was just what I wanted for dinner

a long with some lamb mince with veggies and egg yolk all in a tom and basil sauce

I was so stuffed but about and hr later I wanted something sweet the end of my soya milk with
carob powder and a spoonful of almond butter was just the ticket

Its getting late and I gotta get up at 5am! So can't wait to go to the show tomorrow its gonna be a great day, so good bye for now x x


Have you tried making a protein cake? Did ya love it?

Mine was a total success and will definitely be making more appearances round here

Do you like flavored hummus, or do you just like it plain?

I love it any which way!


  1. protein cake, havent tried but made aprils' protein cookie dough and blogged about it once

    i am impressed with your cake!
    and also the fact that you do your own that's talent girl!!!

  2. i saw that you won deb's giveaway! her nut butters are the BEST. you will love. your protein cake looked great! that's cool you dye your own hair.

  3. congratz on winnin girl..great pic :)

    Great eats for the day too! Good for you..for bein a trooper at the dentist <3

    I like sabras greek olive hummus (love olives!)

    also I nipped over to the british shop today and got me some of those nairns berry oat cakes ;) wooie!

  4. LOVE your eats! i <3 pro cakes! LOVE them w. banana extract! YUM

  5. Sounds like a very delicious day. I have never even heard of a protein cake before! Looks yummy though :) Enjoy your time off.

  6. I've wanted to try making a protein cake for ages and haven't got round to it yet, yours looks delicious, I feel the time has come to give it ago!