Thursday, 11 March 2010

No Pain and Everything to Gain

I have to start by saying I'm so HAPPY! I went to the gym today and my first pain free workout
since hurting my back!!!!!!!!!!! More on this later just had to say that!

On to my eats, I started the day with some carob and cherry custard porridge. This was tasty but
I think it will be my last batch of custard porridge........

I had a yolk left from my omelet yesterday and thought I'd throw it in my porridge. The flavor is just a little bit to strong for me. I added some cherry jam and it kinda disguised it as did the almond and linseed butter : )

After breakfast I had a driving lesson before work, it went pretty well I just need to work on my confidence big time!

I had a busy morning at work and the day just flew by, before I knew it 1.30pm came round and I was starving! I was glad to get my teeth into a tasty rice salad with some wafer thin turkey

I also made a dressing from walnut oil and balsamic vinegar it was perfect

I also had a protein bar, these are so good the buckwheat groats were a great addition.
I also had an apple before leaving to go to the gym

My pain free workout:

20 minutes cross trainer intervals - L8 fast 2min - L12 slow 1 min
10 minutes bike set on random L9
20 minutes stepper - L7 3 min - L8 2 min - L9 2 min - L10 2 min - L12 1 min x2
crunches stretch

A fab pain free workout with my body gaining strength it felt so good!

I walked home from the gym and when I got in I needed something pronto!
Marmite and almond/linseed butter sarni was just the ticket!

I got this giant jar of apple sauce today no added sugar : )
I'm looking forward to using this in some baked goods...................

Dinner was homemade soup, steamed veggies and rice cakes with soya marg. I also had
some hummus for dipping my veggies in yum!

For pud I made orange and chocolate ground rice pud topped with soya yogurt. I added more water for some extra volume. I love ground rice it makes the perfect pud!

Orange and Chocolate Ground Rice Pudding

1/4 c ground rice
LL milk + water
raisins + coconut
cocoa + agave
natural orange flavor
soya yogurt + cinnamon

I didn't measure I just throw in the ingredients it turned out great and I don't think you could get it wrong!

10 minutes till American Idol yay! I'm going to get up and get to the gym early for a weight workout so time to chill night x x


Do you use ground rice?

I love it! I can make low fat and sugar puds that taste fab so its a winner for me!

Whats your favorite weight machine, or do you like free weights?

I prefer free weights with squats and lunges, I can't wait till I can get back to body pump.
I think I should be fit enough in the next couple of weeks!!!!!!


  1. Hi, just found your blog, I like doing free weights cause I do most of my workouts at home or at a boxing gym where there aren't weight machines, on occaision when I do get to the gym I like the assisted pull-up machine cause I can do high reps for a change!

  2. Hey girl! So awesome to hear you had a pain free workout=major hooray! Lots of yummy eats. I just had some rice cakes with spread cheese=deliciousness. I have never used ground rice but it looks tasty. I am a free weights kinda gal

  3. ive never used ground rice in my life! but i could always try and learn!

  4. Guess what I got in the mail today???

    Tomorrow's breakfast is going to be a marmite experiment! Thank you so much. I loved the Hello Kitty stationary!!

  5. Glad your not getting your back pain any more! I can only imagine how horrible it must be to have back pain when your exercising. I'm an american idol fan too! Crystal is my favorite at the moment xx

  6. Oh that's fantastic news! I hope it will continue to feel good.
    I gave up Bodypump after hurting my back there so I prefer weight machines and dumbbells these days.
    I would love to try ground rice but I haven't found any! Sounds so good though!

  7. I prefer free weights for my upper body, but machines for my lower. That's probably because I HATE doing lower body exercises, and the machines make them easier :P At the gym I've been going to, though, they make me do squats. YUCK! Not a fan, clearly haha.

    super happy for you love!