Sunday, 7 March 2010

Night off.......

Hello all, hows you? Sorry for my absents yesterday but I just needed the night to myself ya know? I had a lovely night with Maggie we watched Knocked Up and giggled all night, have you seen it? Its a funny one!

Lets rewind to yesterday morning shall we.......... I started the day with my usual smoothie soup same as yesterday as it was sooooooooo good but topped it with pumpkin seeds instead of walnuts. This was a tummy filler for sure, I also had a boiled egg. I walked to work and got to town early so I could invest in a new swimming costume. Me and my friend Leanne plan to start swimming together so I thought it would be a good time to get a new costume mine is not kind to my thighs!

The one I bought has a little skirt at the bottom so kinda hides the last 2 months food intake!

The morning at work was busy as always on a Saturday, everyone I work with had fried bacon baps and they all felt bad when I couldn't have one (gluten!) I reassured them I REALLY didn't mind as I had...........

Banana bread and almond butter yay! Much tastier to me, they think I'm wrong, I know I'm right, right?

At lunch I popped out and decided a read of oxygen would go nicely with my lunch and it did!
Raw veggies and a sarni which consisted of GF bread, hummus, basil tofu and spinach

Every bite was a delight I can tell ya!

I also had a protein bar.

Other than my walk to work it was a day off the exercise, my back is not fixed quite yet but 4 workouts during the week and its not real painful so all's good I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel which is making my smile, lots! For the past couple of months I have been a real hermit not seeing anyone much, not going out just feeling depressed about my stupid back. Unless you love to exercise people just don't understand how depressing it can be when its taken away from you. Being able to get my sweat back on has made me feel so much better and I actually feel like going out, maybe next weekend. I have Sunday off so I may well get some sequins on and get that glass of vino I surely deserve!?

Anyhow I gotta get ready for my Sunday shift, god I hate retail! Looking forward to finishing though as I'm off to the gym after : )

Have a fun day x x


How do you feel if you can exercise from injury/illness?

This past 2 months have been very hard on me thank god its turning round : )

Are you a tofu lover?

I am indeed!


  1. Banana bread and almond butter yay! = I'd say!!!

    the protein bar you make...WOW that thing looks so dense and professional, i need your secrets!

    the night off. girl we all need time off from the blog, i am the biggest offender and need to scale back (but dont)...i need your secret on that to :)


  2. I hear ya on needing nights off from the blog. I don't like taking nights off, but I have to! I just don't know how people can work, exercise, AND blog every night!

  3. It is definitely tough when I can't exercise due to injury. I have been battling with some bum knees, but I think taking it easy and seeing a PT is going to get them back into running shape.

  4. I'm SUPER glad to hear that things are turning around with your back! I am so with you- I hate the feeling of not being able to get out and move like I want to! Lots of great eats- love the pumpkin seeds (delicious). I haven't really given tofu a fair shot....I need to!