Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New Foods!

Hello all, so we got through the longest day of the week, longest by name and it always seems the longest to get through too, don't ya think?!

I was up early to get ready for work before my driving lesson. I made some chocolate quinoa porridge topped with yogurt and a spoonful of walnut butter. This definitely gave me driving power! I had a coffee when i got to work and also had a protein bar around 11am

I got lunch around 2pm and decided to add some unusual protein to my lunch, well unusual to me, I went to Marks and sparks on lunch and bought some ham! Apple smoked ham and it was delish. I topped my quinoa and raw veggies with the ham and it finished of the meal perfectly.

I also had a drizzle of sesame oil on my salad : )

I finished lunch with an apple, crisp and sweet just the way I like um!

After work I popped to the gym for a mini workout.

30 minutes on the cross trainer - 300 calories
Ab workout - Stretch

I walked home after my workout. I also ate a banana as soon as I left the gym, it was needed!

Yummy look what I got, basil tofu!

When I got home I had a letter waiting for me. My Vitality Show tickets!!!!!!!!!
The Vitality Show is a health, fitness and well being show in London.

I have tickets for Saturday 20th of march, I'm dragging Maggie along with me and
I CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

Ok calming down now.........dinner was the last of my soup, steamed veggies, basil tofu and a dollop of hummus

This was a splendid flavor tummy filler!

But of course I had room for pud! Natural soya yogurt, strawberry and blueberry puree topped with hazelnuts. Wow this was good!

I also made some raw protein bars and put them in the freezer to set, I'm not gonna lie I had a raw protein bar too! But I'm not classing that as late night eating its more of a extended part of my pud!

Lilys package is ready to be sent tomorrow!

With a couple of extras hope she likes them! A good mix of salty and sweet!

Back is feeling better so things seem to be looking up. I can't wait when I don't even think about, I expect your all thinking the same, and wondering when I'm gonna shut up about it! But honestly if you love exercise and have ever been injured you now my frustration and pain!

Right I'm feeling knackered so shall retire, I have a busy day off ahead of me:

Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut Butter
Roasted Almond Butter
Banana Bread

I'm exhausted just writing it! Ha ha ha


Do you plan what to do n your days off or are you a go with the flow kinda person?

I'm a total planner I have to know what I'm doing!

Favorite Tofu?

I love the sea cakes I bought and I'm loving this new combo too


  1. Days "off" are a thing of my pre-child life :) I am always on...and not to mention blogging seems to have taken over my life LOL so I am always on with that. But seriously, no, I do have a game plan of what I'd like to do..but am very flexible within that plan.
    Great basil tofu too!

  2. I am such a planner- if I don't have a plan I end up doing nothing and feeling so bored- plans rock- unless there is money in the bank- then it's fun to be spontaneous!

  3. love all of your food! those hazelnuts look So good! it depends if I have anythign important to do on my days off! if I have no appts or anything then I go with the flow, maybe food shopping or reg shopping or errands, if not I just see how I feel :)

  4. Oh my gosh! You are so sweet!! I am so excited to receive your package. :-) Of course I'm gonna love it!

    I wish we had something like this Vitality Show. I'd be there in a heartbeat.

    Also, have I missed an explanation of why you're taking driving lessons? As in car driving lessons?

  5. I'm definitely a planner too! If something else comes up, I don't mind switching the original plans, but..for the most part I'm a scheduled kind of girl. :D

  6. Banana bread! I haven't made one in ages and am craving one a lot right now. It's also on my list for this weekend.
    I like planning my days off too but I sometimes just want to hang out with my boy and go with the flow. However, 90% of the time I have sort of a schedule because I want to make the most of my free time.
    Flavoured tofu is great. I had some tofu rosso the other day which was yummy.