Sunday, 28 March 2010

New Books New Start.........

So did you all remember to put your clocks forward?! I did and I really do feel like I lost an hour.
Even though I was tired I did get up and do 40 minutes of yoga before work.

I also had a splendid breakfast. Oats, LL milk, water, maca, ground linseeds, fresh blueberries and a big dollop of homemade almond + macadamia nut butter that I made yesterday : )

I walked through the park to work today which as always was a delight. The signs of spring were all over the place. Pretty crocuses everywhere, I wanted to take a picture but forgot my phone! I was lost without it today, its crazy how I miss my phone its not the actual phoning and messaging I miss its the camera! I was so disappointed that I couldn't take good photos of my eats today. I took some with my blackberry but the camera is poo so I haven't bothered to up load.

For lunch I had sushi and mixed bean salad. I have a confession to make. Yesterday after I had left work a lady I had helped earlier in the day came back with a small box of chocolates for me.
First of all HOW SWEET! Secondly there isn't any chocolates left.......I am blushing oops! If its any consolation I have learnt my lesson by getting the worst toothache after my chocolate over load : (

Right on to the positive, after work I planned to go to the gym but papa offered to take me driving so I had to take the offer as its not long till my test so I need the practice big time!
I actually did my parallel parking perfectly yay!

I was hungry for health when I got home. I had the last little bit of my soup, steamed veggies and a smoked mackerel fillet. I also had some hummus (not pictured)

I was going to have this baby before heading to the gym today but as I didn't end up going I had it for pud. This is the apple and cinnamon flavor and its delish!

I cut up my pack tunch raw bar and added some soya yogurt more cinnamon and tahini.
It was perfect.

My new books have finally arrived!!!!!! I own some of Patrick Holfords other books
and after seeing him at the vitality show and listening to his easily understandable ways of living a healthy fit life I decided to invest in his diet books, which to be honest isn't really a diet more a way of eating really healthily. The plan is based on eating a low GL diet. I am starting the first month plan tomorrow! I am looking forward to it and will hopefully be able to stick to the rules. I am going to London next weekend to have a meal with friends so next weekend I will try to make healthy choices but am not going to beat myself up if it doesn't quite go to plan! Anyway bring on tomorrow!


Are you on a diet/have you tried a good diet/do you not diet and just eat everything in moderation?

I don't usually diet but after the last 3 months not being able to exercise like I usually do as I have mentioned before the pounds have crept on so I need a kick start to get me back on track. I figured this was the best way as its not depriving yourself just eating sensibly and cutting out the sugar basically. Wish me luck I will take my stats then reveal all in a month.

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  1. I have tried a couple of different diets. My journey to vegetarian and veganism started with trying to lose weight and I ended up loving how m body felt so I just kept at it and now it's more of a lifestyle. I also tried the whole atkins low carb deal, and hated it!! No energy at all and I felt sick to my stomach constantly. I have heard good things about LOw GI diets though because the concept makes sense. Eat foods that will sustain you long term. Hello, OATMEAL!

  2. oh these pictures make everything look so tasty :)

    I hate diets; I just can't do it! I find I get too hungry or put too much pressure on myself to stick to the plan. And then I can never get motivated to work out. Oh it's a terrible battle within!

  3. Nope, I just eat gluten free because I have to. But I am trying to eat healthier...

    Lucky you! Our daylight savings goes back in a week. Although we gain an hour it means winter is coming :( Oh well, stocking, scarves and soup time!

  4. I've been on loads and loads of diets but I've realised that short term diets don't work but lifestyle changes do. For me I've found that keeping an eye on the carbs helps me drop any spare pounds so I tend not to eat bread, pasta, noodles or rice very often, and when I do I always try and go for wholemeal versions x

  5. It's so lovely that she brought you chocolates! I once worked in a shop and occasionally got presented with a small box of treats. Such a lovely thing! Sorry to hear that you got a toothache after eating them all though..

    I'm not on a diet and have never been on one. I'm just a concious eater and that has worked for me. Can't wait to hear more about your dietary changes!

  6. Your dinner looks delicious!

    I am currently doing The Healthy Skin Diet which is the first diet I've ever done. It's only a 2 month plan which will help to alkalanise my body, clear up my skin and learn some solid principles of healthy eating that will eventually become part of my everyday lifestyle. The basic principles of the diet are no dairy, mostly alkaline forming foods and lots of good fats like Fish and Flaxseed Oil.

    Good luck on your plan!

  7. In the US, we turned our clocks back a few weeks ago. I detest when that happens! I feel like I can never catch up on sleep.

    I pretty much eat whatever I want. However, there are a lot of foods I eat rarely. I only eat them when I really, really want them.