Saturday, 27 March 2010

More Raw Treats!

Working Saturdays is poo! Hello everyone just had to get that off my chest!

It was my day off the exercise to day so I got up and leisurely got ready for work. I made an uber bowl of oats today with apple and yogurt topped with tahini I have to say this wasn't the best
porridge but it gave me the fuel I needed. Not sure why it just tasted a bit weird today!

I put my happy flowers in my hair today. I call them happy flowers because whenever I wear them people always smile and complement them which in turn makes me smile!
Even though it was a day off exercise I did wear my exercise shoes that I got back in January remember? If not you can see them here. These bad boys are so good you can feel them toning your legs while you walk especially when you attack a hill! MBT's get a big thumbs up

I had brown rice with veggies in red pesto sauce for lunch

followed by one of my protein bars. I felt the need for one as I haven't had one for a while what with all the other goodies I've had!

I popped round to see my sister after work which was nice we really need to arrange some quality time together! I also went to see my paps before going home to pick up my post and I had a nice surprise..........

The lovely Beth from tunch foods sent me some samples of their raw bars!

'the pack tunch contains over 90% dried fruits and nuts which are full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and good carbohydrates. So whether you are commuting to work or scaling a mountain the pack tunch is the ideal snack to satisfy your hunger and to keep you going'

This quoted from the leaflets I received so I am hoping they live up to this before my gym session tomorrow!

a small bowl of soup with tuna in a mayo and mustard sauce and steamed veggies. The tuna with the mayo and mustard was a great combo : )

Followed by carob ground rice. I chopped up some crystallized ginger and dates to go in the mix and it work well very well!

I feel tired today and am just about ready to settle down in my warmed bed.........


Have you done anything fun this weekend?

One word WORK! : (

Do companies send you free samples?

I have had a few things and I love it because its so much fun trying out new stuff!


  1. hiya :) Yummy eats for the day! I would also feel that working Saturday is crap :( At least you got something cool in the mail to make it better! I hope my package gets to ya soon!

    Who knows where it is...customs is a witch :S:S Lets hope it gets to you!

    I haven't done anything really exciting this weekend...the weekend for me is cleaning, homework and sleeping ;)

    This past year I recieved quite a bit of free stuff from companies to review on my blog! So weird to me! lol

  2. the tunch stuff looks grreat but really your protein bars always look so perfect that i wanna take a big bite of it! :)

  3. Your happy flowers are so cute :) and that rice looks AMAZING.
    I had to work this weekend too but I think I'm going to a meditation class tomorrow night. I've never had companies send me anything but I would really love it if they did!! I love trying new food! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Yay for happy flowers! Hope work isn't too awful.. I was at the office yesterday too but luckily have today off.
    The raw bars sound like fun and I like the packaging.

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous! Hope your day at work wasn't too awful. I had a stressful day learning complicated tap moves at a musical rehearsal!

    Your dinner looks delicious - I'd love to try that tuna salad sometime!

  6. Hey hey! Sorry you've had so much worky this weekend. The pack tunch sounds awesome! This weekend I have taught a bundle (attack friday, step & pump yesterday), we had friends over for dinner last night (I made a mexican feast- pictures to come later), and today I'm going to brunch for a blogger meet up! Hope you have a nice Sunday

  7. Hey, where can I get those pack tunch bars? They look super healthy.