Monday, 1 March 2010

Makeover March

Wow its March can you believe it?! I can obviously but it seems crazy quick!
I started my day with 30 minutes of jumping on my trampet then after making lunch I made a giant smoothie for breakfast. This was a winner, I also had a boiled egg.

I had a driving lesson before work so walk : ( we were practicing hills today, they scare me but I'm getting there.

I had a busy morning at work, sold lots which was cool. 11 am I felt like a snack so chomped on my homemade protein bar, this hit the spot.

I had a little picnic at lunch, the last of my falafels, raw veggies and hummus. This was a fab lunch, I love falafels and am so glad I've found a gluten free variety, a little expensive but every once in a while worth the cash!

After work I walked to my Chinese doctor appointment, I'm still drinking the herbs. I do feel a little better but I wish they would work faster! I then had to go to the osteopath he massaged me back into place. I'm so so tired of this bad back drama its gotta fix it self soon!

I had some soup when I got home to give me the energy to cook dinner

Yummy din din's, steamed cauliflower with beef in an artichoke and tomato sauce, soya beans and spinach.

Every bite was delight

Pudding was a new try tonight, I bought some buck wheaties, so thought is was about time to try them. I made a kinda custard and topped with yogurt and pumpkin seeds, it was ok but I think the buck wheat will be better in protein bars

So I expect your wondering what Makeover March is all about. Its my new set of rules. I keep trying to sort the weight gain out but its steadily gotten worse what with the limited amount of exercise I can do so I will have to get a little tighter on the diet. I am hoping to stick to the following rules for March and hopefully beyond!

1. No sweets - chocolate, candy
(other then my chocolate protein powder)
2. Only natural sugars and less of them!
(fresh and dried fruit, a little agave, carob)
3. At least 3/4 exercise sessions
(depending on back!)
4. No after dinner snacking!
(this is gonna be the tuffy but its a month surely I have some self control!)
5. Less fat
(yes good fats are great for you but not in the quantity I eat!)

So there you have it lets see what I can do for March I'll keep you posted and do a summary at the end of each week on Sunday nights. I maybe change/add goals on the list at the beginning of each month.


Do you have any monthly goals?

I think I'll do ok with mine I just have to get with the programme, its only 1 month!

Favorite seed?

Mine has to sesame seeds with pumpkin a close second : )


  1. new fave seed is a pine nut (seed, not a nut i have actually learned) b/c i can make my raw vegan caramels with them!

    your pudding looks great. love your goals and your healthy fat comment made me giggle :)

  2. haha im such a late night snacker! and prob always will be!! :) no shame!!
    fav seed?! PUMPKIN! or flax seed!

  3. I love sunflower seeds! I'm eating them right now with oatmeal!

    Aw, no sugar? I guess you won't be joining me for Sweet Treat Wednesdays!

  4. Your smoothies always look so good! I need to make one for breakfast tomorrow too. :)
    Your goals sound great. I should eat less chocolate - it's slowly getting out of control. Maybe I should cut back on sweets too. :)
    I just posted about my March goal but I usually don't have any monthly goals.
    My favourite is probably sunflower seed but I also love hemp, sesame, pumpkin and oh! let's not forget about flax. ;)

  5. YUM! the yoatgurt looks So good! I love the addition of pumpkin seed which may just be my favorite seeds! i love them roated on salads :)

    I love your middleastern picnic of falafels and hummus :) fav food right there!!